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The isle of Lismore

Lismore Cathedral Offices

Offices of the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Lismore or Argyll   OPS II, I pp 161-2 & 166 discusses the various offices associated with the cathedral church of Lismore. On p 164 their values are stated  according to

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Lismore ‘tir’-names map

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Lismore Pennylands Map

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Lismore Farm Map

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Lismore Table

Lismore Lismore is unusual in that it features on two Blaeu maps – Lorn (L) and Mull (M). Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc Achadh nan Aird 4m 1515 NM 8138 Blaeu(L & M) Roy(PC

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Lismore Sources

Lismore Sources   RMS II (3136) (No 5) 1240, (No 6) 1304 RMS V (691) 1584 RMS VI (296) 1595, (1436) 1603 RMS VII (587) 1607 RMS XI (941) 1666   RSS VII (340) 1575 APS VII p 342 1661

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Lismore Summary

Lismore Summary RMS II (3136) confirms a charter of 1240 (No 5) and a charter of 1304 (No 6) which between them granted 19½d in Lismore to the bishopric of Argyll. (The 5½d in the latter charter are specifically stated

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