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Durness parish

Durness Text

Durness   Principal Sources   OSA Vol 3 No 79   RMS II (2506) 1499 RMS III (2048) 1539 RMS IV (1635, 1669) 1565 RMS V (277) 1581 on original of 1580   RSS II (624) 1530, (4157) 1541 RSS

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Durness Table

Durness Under ‘Map Sources’ references such as ‘Forbes 1820’ or ‘B&S’ (Burnett & Scott) refer to maps viewable within the National Library of Scotland Digital Map Library on the internet. Some can be seen under ‘County’; others under ‘Estate Maps’

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Durness Farms

Durness  This table lists the farms in two separate documentary trails for the settlements of Durness. It is not comprehensive. Important farms such as Balnakiel also need to be included. The top half represents the 15 davach estate of the

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Durness Map

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