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Parish of Drymen

Haldane Estate

Haldane estate   In each case I have used the spellings found in the first document. Inchcailloch was later part of Buchanan parish Farm name Modern name Parish RMS II (1546) 1482-3     Knokhill     Ballarde Ballaird Drymen

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Drymen Map

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Drymen Estates

Drymen estates   Properties in Drymen were often parts of large estates which overlapped into other parishes. It is sometimes easier to follow the estates through the documentary trail. In each case I have used the spellings found in the

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Drymen Table

Drymen Edgar(1745) = Map in Nimmo’s Stirlingshire (1777) after W Edgar’s survey of 1745. Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc Drymen     NS 4788 Blaeu(Lennox) See below. Drumdash       Blaeu(Lennox) Drummadash between

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Drymen Text

Drymen   Sources   OSA Vol 8 No XXXIV pp 546-552, 1793 by Rev Duncan Macfarlan   RMS II (770) 1463-4, (845) 1465, (1120) 1473, (1218) 1475-6, (1510, 1521) 1482, (1546) 1482-3, (2235) 1494-5, (2297) 1495-6, (2648) 1502, (3347) 1509,

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