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Lennox – General Comments

Lennox: General comments   I chose Lennox for a close study of land-assessment because of its unique system of arachors. I had hoped that, if I was able to evaluate these in relation to the davachs, pennylands and merklands elsewhere,

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The Valuation of Lennox – by parish

The Valuation of Lennox – by parish   The table below carries several caveats: The two right-hand columns are speculative. Most parishes have changed composition over the centuries and Row is new. Luss and Arrochar may behave differently to the

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Arachors in Lennox

Arachors   No document tells us the exact relationship between arachors and merklands. The best we can hope for is to establish that since X was a quarterland; and since later documents prove that X was worth £5 old extent;

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Davachs in Lennox?

Davachs in Lennox?   We know of arachors and carucates in Lennox. The documents also make clear than an arachor, a carucate and a ploughland were, in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, equivalent. (By the seventeenth century a ploughland had

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‘Davachtis’ Table

The 14 ‘Davachtis’ in Lennox This table allows us to add other evidence showing that the 14 davachtis of 1223 were in fact the same as arachors, carucates or £20 lands.   13 December 1223 Modern Name Parish Extent Date

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£5 lands in Lennox

Table of £5 lands (£5) = derived or calculated sum; italicised = more doubtful; Ratio = carucates to merklands, so 1:30 means 1 carucate to 30m (£20). CCEW= Charter Chest of the Earldom of Wigtown. GS, Strathendrick = Guthrie Smith,

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£10 lands in Lennox

Table of £10 lands GS, Strathblane = Guthrie Smith, Strathblane.   This table lists the £10 lands in Lennox. I think they all represent half-arachor or half-carucate (or half-davach?) units. However the only reason I have not included them with

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Lennox General Resources

Lennox: General Resources   There are a number of general resources for the Lennox area which I have listed here rather than repeat them many times under individual parishes.     Nimmo, Stirlingshire, 1777 (particularly the map based on Edgar’s

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Forests in Lennox Map

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Forests in Lennox Text

Forests in Lennox In 1272 Alexander III (RRS IV Pt 1 No 81 pp 118-119 – NB notes below text on sources) gave Malcolm, earl of Lennox, all the lands: ab Est’ Douglas usque ad Sehynne et ab Sehynne usque

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