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The Aird

The Aird Text Summary

The Aird   What follows is an attempt to tease out the ownership and assessment of the Aird.   Firstly we should note the spelling variants, e.g. Ard, Arde, Aird Beufort, Beuforte, Bewfort, Bewfurd, Beaufort   We also find references

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The Aird Table

The ‘Quarters’ of the Aird   RMS II (3799) 1512-1513  reveals that in 1403 there had been an indenture between William de Fentoun and Margaret de Ard, lady of Ercles.   RMS II (178) 1430, on an original of 1415-16

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The Fentoun Estate in the Aird

The Fentoun Estate in the Aird Lindsay Quarter (1) 1497-8 King’s Quarter (3) 1499 Ogilvy Quarter (8) 1501 Douglas Quarter (10) 1509 Total value of each farm ¼ Quhilbrane ext. 2½m ¼ Kilbryny 2½m Culbrwim Kilbirny 10m = 1 davach

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Aird schematic

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