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Parishes on the west coast of Ross

Glenshiel & Kintail – Map

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de Insulis Estate – Summary Text

The ‘de Insulis’ family estate.   This text file tries to clarify the general land-holding position in a huge section of the north-west seaboard comprising (from S. to N.) Lochalsh, Lochcarron, Kishorn, Torridon and Loch Broom. A detailed breakdown will

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de Insulis Estate – Summary Table

De Insulis Estate To save space I have simplified attributions in the Comments column by leaving out the names of the individuals involved. Ex C. de Insulis or ex A. de Insulis means it was fomerly a property belonging to

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West Coast of Ross – Summary Text

West Coast of Ross   There are a small number of documents, possibly copied from each other, where there appears to be an anomaly in the exchange rate between merklands and davachs. Old Extent in this section of the NW

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Lochcarron & Kishorn – Map

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Lochcarron – Summary Text

Lochcarron   Principal Sources – see also ‘de Insulis’ text file   OSA Vol 13 No 34   ALI No 76 1462-3, No 102, 1472, No122 1492   RMS III (534) 1527-8, (1924) 1538-9 RMS IV (203, 204) 1548, (854)

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Lochcarron – Summary Table

Lochcarron As with Lochalsh some of the Lochcarron farms went to the Camerons; others were divided between the Glengarry and Kildun families. (See ‘de Insulis’ table). The values of the Kildun portions are not stated but we can assume they

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Gairloch – Map

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Gairloch Farms

Gairloch Farms ER XVI p 597, 1535 ER XVI p 602, 1535-6 ER XIX p 507, 1562-3 Retours (Ross) (3) 1566 ER XIX p 557, 1566-7 Retours (Ross) (4) 1569 RMS VII (2078) 1619 Retours (Ross) (87) 1638 Gerlocht Gerloch

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Gairloch – Summary Text

Gairloch   Principal Sources   OSA Vol 3 No 7   RMS I (423, 437) on original of 1366 RMS II (147) 1429-30 RMS VII (2078) 1619 RSS I (3991) 1528 Robertson’s Index p 98 No 327   ER XVI

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