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Parish of Baldernock

Baldernock Map

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Baldernock Farms

  The Farms of Baldernock   The documents used below tended to conflate the estate of Baldernock with the parish. We should distinguish them – whilst recognising that the parish lay at the heart of the estate. As will be

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Baldernock Table

Baldernock   Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc The original 2 carucates         Baldernock was originally 2 carucates but received additional lands from Campsie in 1649. Craigmaddie (House) Craigmaddie Plantation    

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Baldernock Text

Baldernock   Sources   RMS II (1686) 1487 on original of 1486, (2816) 1504-5 RMS III (394) 1526, (1212) 1532, (3176) 1545 RMS IX (1529) 1644, No 4 on original of 1632   AS I (77) 1619 AS II (35)

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