Coll and Gunna

Coll and Gunna

In Coll, Gunna and Tiree we find evidence of mail-lands which seem to have made up an alternative Norse valuation system. They did not have as wide a currency as ouncelands and pennylands but I have shown mail-land valuations where we know them. The valuation in merklands is not always consistent with the value in mail-lands but this is because the ratings usually date from different periods. (The date column only refers to merkland valuations). I have found no trace of pennylands in Coll, either in valuations or place-names. Tirungs were always divided into halves (3m), quarters (1½m=20s) or eighths (10s).

In some documents the spellings of Grishipoll and Crossapoll are very similar. Fortunately the lists are usually in geographical order so that we can pin down which farm is being referred to.


Name Value(m) Mail-lands Date(m) Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Bousd (1½m) 10 NM 2563 BlaeuRHP 13171


RHP 8826/2

=Pollis OPS II, I, 333, (1558),Bolstig/Port Boldstig (Blaeu), Part of Tirung Cornaig.
Sorisdale (1½m) 10 NM 2663/2763 BlaeuRHP 8826/2 Sotesdal(1203), Sodtsdel/Sodisdel(Blaeu), Soadasdale in RHP 8826/2, Sodisdale in OS(1878).
Cornaigbeg (1½m) 10 NM 2462 BlaeuRHP 8826/2 Now WSW of More but in Blaeu it was N.
Cornaigmore (1½m) 10 NM 2463 BlaeuLanglands


Torastan 1½m 1528 NM 2261 BlaeuLanglands Torressa(1528), Torristy (Blaeu), + Beg (Langlands).
Kirktoun 1½m 1528 NM 221617? Blaeu = Killunaig?, Kilynaig(Blaeu), Kill(AVR).
Garnacharmig 10s 1620 Blaeu AS II(83), Gar(1528) -with Knock, Garkarmick(Blaeu).
Knock 10s 1620 Knock(1528) -with Gar, AS II(83) 1620.
Trialn (near Bagh an Trailleich?) 20s 1528 NM 2161? BlaeuLanglands Treella(1528),Torrell(AS II(83) 1620), Trealan(Blaeu), Treylind(GD201/1/98), Trialn(Langlands).
Gallanach 40s 1528 NM 2160 Galdanach(1528 & AS II(83) 1620).
Arnabost 20s 1528 NM 2159 Arnapoldo(1528).
Mibost 10s 1542 NM 2059 OS(1878) Mebois(1542).
Cliad 20s 1528 NM 2059 Blaeu Claid(1528), Claad/Klead/Klaad(Blaeu).
Grishipoll 20s 1528 NM 1859/1959 BlaeuRHP 8826/2 Crecepoldo(1528), Grisbol(Blaeu), Gricipol(1751).
Kilbride   NM 1954 A pendicle of ‘Grissapoll'(RHP 8826/2).
Ballyhaugh 20s 1528 NM 1757/1758 Blaeu Ballehow(1528), How(Blaeu).
Cardnaha (=Totamore?) 20s 1528 AS II (683, 686), between Ballyhow & Grimisary in lists.
Totamore (1½m) 1751 NM 1756 Langlands Totomore(1½m) in AVR(1751) but no early references.
Friesland (½m) 4 1566 NM 1853/1953 RHP 8826/2 Iona Nunnery, Fleasaland(RSS V, II, 3008 of 1566) or Flassaland(3166 of 1566-7), Fressland in RHP 8826/2.
Grimisary 20s 9 1528 NM 1756 LanglandsOS(1878) Gremysare(1528), Grimsary(Langlands),’nine meal lands’ in (GD201/1/362/2 of 1705).
Acha   1751 NM 1854 Blaeu?Langlands Achavouline(AVR 1751), part of Grimisary?,=Ausa(Blaeu)?
Totronald 20s 1528 NM 1656 BlaeuLanglands Totorannald(1528), Tottarainal(Blaeu), Totoranald(1751).
Gortan 10s 1542 NM 1753 6s 8d(1528), 10s in all other documents.
Uig 20s 1528 NM 1654/1754 Wig(1528).
Breachacha 3m 1528 NM 1553/1554 Blaeu Breka(c)h(Blaeu).
Feall (6m) 1409 NM 1454 Blaeu ‘Tyrungha Feal'(Munro p27 & RMS II(2264) of 1495). It probably consisted of Feall & (a) neighbouring farm(s).
Feall 3m 1528 Fealda(1528), Faill(Blaeu), 1½m Fauill in AVR(1751).
Ard nis 3m 20 1566 NM 1552 RHP 8826/2 Iona Nunnery, Ardnes Uver & Nethir(RSS V, II, 3008 of 1566) or Artnes(3166 of 1566-7).
Usairt   RHP 8826/2 Belonging to Ardnish.
Feranagoinen   2 RHP 8826/2 Belonging to Ardnish.
Soa   ½ NM 1551 BlaeuRHP 8826/2 Belonging to Ardnish?
Crossapol 20s 1528 NM 1253 Crocepoldo(1528), Grotpoldo(1617), Crossapel(1751).
Caoles 6m 44 NM 1252 LanglandsRHP 8826/2 Ex Iona Nunnery, Kealos(RSS V, II, 3008 of 1566) or Kaylois(3166 of 1566-7), Kelis(Langlands).
Brae   4 c. NM 1753 RHP 8826/2 Part of Caoles. Together 48 mail-lands make 1 tirung. If Brae = Brarie(Langlands) then it is physically separate.
Total Coll (45½m)
Gunna (1m) 8 NM 0951/1051 BlaeuRHP 8826/2 Iona Nunnery.
Total Coll & Gunna (46½m)


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