Glassary Pennyland Table


HP II p121-4 Paisley Register p 132 HP II pp 132-4 HP II p 140-142 HP IV pp 233-6 Present name
1240 1226-1250 c. 1315 c. 1355 1410
5d Fyncharne Cairnfin Fincharn
(½d Crag Enywyr) -A Creag an Iubhair
5d Glennane Glennan
(1d Penig Corthen) – B ?
5d Askol ?
5d Rudol superiori Over Rhudle
5d Kelmikhel 5d Kylmyell in Glenod ½d Kyllmicill – D Kilmichael
5d Kerchennan ?
5d Naheass =1d Achachoiss? =Auchoish?
4d Keldouenegarth ?
5d Drummulin 1d Drumtycarmak -F Drum
3d Cnocnagoloran Knocnagullaran Knock
1d Akhenbreth 1d Achindregni ? Achnabreck
2½d Rudol inferiori Nether Rhudle
½d Dernekerd Darinacardoch
C 1d Kilmor Kilmory
1d Derranerinoch Dailaneireanach
1d Knoc Alwe Knockalava
1d Monenyernich Monenyernich
1d Cross Gillesbuig ?
1d Dergbelach – E ?
1d Glacnagobal ?
1d Barrinlayginch Barsloisnoch?
1d Gartkarran ?
1d Knokrewoch ?


A – ½d Crag Enywyr was part of 5d Fyncharne

B – 1d Penig Corthen was part of 5d Glennane

C – I have assumed that the Strohon in the 1240 list is for Strone in Cowal and not Stronalbanach in Glassary. Stronalbanach is not found without the ‘albanach’ (Scotsman) element in any of the sources although it is always possible it acquired this addition after 1240.

D – viz ½d next to CrossGillesbuig ‘situatam in longitudine’ (which I assume implies that it lay north/south in relation to the cross.

E – Ballochderge is listed as one of the lands given by Argyll to Auchenbreck in 1651 (AS I (346)). Dergbelach and Ballochderge are just the same name – consisting of dearg (red) and bealach (pass) but with different word order. In 1651 the list sequence implies that Ballochderge might be between Kilmichael and Uillian. I can find no such farm but there is a Bealach Ruadh in NM 9001 (ruadh is another word for red). I do not know if this is the same place.

F – ‘1d Drumtycarmak cum terra de Fernoch’. (1d Drumtycarmak with the land of Fernoch). Drum (NR 8788) and Fernoch (NR 8688) are neighbouring farms and GD 1/426/1/26 Bundle 2/15 (a) (Auchindarroch writs) refers to 2m Fernoch and Mill of Drum in 1673. It appears from the 1240 charter that Drum had a mill even then.




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