North Knapdale Map


North Knapdale

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2 comments on “North Knapdale Map
  1. Mary Maclean says:

    Thank you for posting this map. Ive found researching Knapdale to be very difficult: it seems to be rarely mentioned as an area in it’s own right and although a Scot who has travelled around the country a fair bit, I’d honestly never heard of the area.
    In completing family history research I discovered that my paternal family come from Knapdale and 2 generations dug out the Crinan Canal. I now live in England but I am planning a spring journey to Scotland to hit the records offices and universities and visit Knapdale. Im also going to check the canal archives, now held by the water authorities.

    I found your two maps of Knapdale very useful: this is the only source I’ve found that clearly lists the villages.
    Your work is of an excellent academic standard and a really valuable springboard to other sources too. Thank you.

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