Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Dru(m)gowor 22m 1474-5     Acts of the Lords of Council in Civil Causes I (1478-95) pp 346-7
Argoure 22m 1535-6   Blaeu RMS III (1536) 1535-6 – Old Extent
Craigag/Cregag     NM 9279 RHP 747/1 See below.
Callop ½m 1751 NM 9278 RHP 747/1 With Garvan as 1m. See below under Craigag/Cregag.
Garvan (½m) 1535-6 NM 9777 RHP 747/1 ‘Calp & Girvane’ are usually together as 1m
Duisky 1½m 1535-6 NN 0077 RHP 747/1 5d(AS II 355,358) 1630
Blaich 6d/3m 1508-9 NN 0476 RHP 747/1 Blooech(1508-9), the two ‘Blakeis et Glennewin'(ER XIII pp218-9 1509) and also split in Retours(Inverness) 30 1615 and AS II (137, 140) 1622? 3m(1751). This farm was part of Kingairloch estate.
Achaphubuil ½m 1629 NN 0875 RHP 747/1 With ‘Transelk’ (=Trislaig?) as 1m from 1535-6
Trislaig (½m) 1535-6 NN 0874 RHP 747/1 With (?)Achaphubuil as 1m from 1535-6
Stronchreggan 1m 1535-6 NN 0772 RHP 747/1 With ‘Clauchzalk’ as 1m from 1535-6
Goirtean a’ Chladaich     NN 0570   =’Clauchzalk’? with Stronchreggan as 1m from 1535-6
Gleann na Cloiche Sgoilte     NM 8969 Thomson =’Clauchzalk’? with Stronchreggan as 1m from 1535-6, this would be a sheiling (more likely than Goirtean a’ Chladaich)?
Coire Beag (½m) 1535-6 NN 0471   With ‘Blairboy’ as 1m from 1535-6
Blar Inbhir Scaddail (½m) 1535-6 NN 0369   =Blar Buidhe? Divided into 2 x ¼m in Retours(Inverness) 48 1629 and AS II (1413) 1668? With Coire Beag from 1535-6
Inverscaddle 1m 1535-6 NN 0268 Pont(13)

RHP 747/1

2 x Inverscanvillis(1535-6), Glenskaffadell(Pont), 2m(Innerskaffadill 1629) – but this may include Cona Glen
Fassagallea ¼m 1668     Part of ‘Inverskadill’ – AS II (1413)
Coill’ a’ Chamaidh Leith 1d/(½m) 1632 NN 9970   1m Cammeleffyne with ‘Crandelech’ from 1535-6, 1d Camlevan – AS II (439) 1632, ?Leth-pheighinn(=½ pennyland)?
Crom an Leathaid (½m) 1535-6 NN 0167 Thomson =’Crandelech’ ? with Cammeleffyne from 1535-6
Inverbeg 1d 1632     AS II (439) 1632
Aryhoulan 1m 1535-6 NN 0168 Thomson 1m with Auchnanes(1535-6), with Auchnames(1631), with Auchnaness(1668),
‘Auchnanes’   1535-6     =lost name Auch nam Fias?, with Aryhoulan from 1535-6
Sron Leathad nam Fias 1m 1535-6 NM 9969 Thomson =’Lawdnaves’ with ‘Cragvachane’ as 1m from 1535-6
Creagbheitheachain   1535-6 NM 9868 Thomson =’Cragvachane’? with ‘Lawdnaves’ as 1m from 1535-6, Thomson gives sheiling in Gleann Mhic Phail NM 9067
Narrachan 1d/(½m) 1630 NM 9868 Langlands, Thomson With Leckich as 1m from 1535-6
‘Lakich’ 1d(½m) 1630     With Narrachan as 1m from 1535-6, Leickich(1630), Leckich(1751)
Allt Coire na Daimhteachd 3d/1½m 1630 NM 9768 Langlands, Thomson With Altezowis as 1½m from 1535-6
‘Altezowis’   1535-6     With ‘Davedach’ from 1535-6
Altagowische ½d 1630     Certainly = Altezowis but most sources give Davedach & Altezowis as equivalent to 3d not 3½d
Kilbodane 1m




NN 0165    

2d Kill(1630)

Cuil/Coull 2¾m 1535-6 NM 995638 Pont(13) Ardgour House, cf Argyll III (349)
Sallachanbeg 1¾m 1535-6 c. NM 9763/9764 Thomson = ard or upper?, Over = 3d (1630) which only equals 1½m, ‘octerach’ with Glengour = 1½m 1665
Sallachanmore 4d/2m 1630 c. NM 9762/9763 Langlands, Thomson = iosal or nether?
Inversanda 1m 1751 NM 9359   With ‘Inverbrakatill’ as 2m from 1535-6
Allt Raoicidhdail (1m) 1535-6 NM 9461   With Inversanda as 2m from 1535-6, ½m(1751),

Gearradh (NM 9560) = Inver of Raoicidhdail

Two ‘Branakillis’ ½m 1535-6     With Claschanmuk as ½m from 1535-6, Brencalzeis(1603)
Claschanmuk   1535-6     With two ‘Branakillis’ as ½m from 1535-6



Craigag (and possibly Callop) may originally have been part of Lochiel (qv) and not Ardgour. JG Gibson discusses the transfer of Craigag in chapter 8 of Back o’ the Hill. He also has a map of Cregag farm in 1815 as a plate.


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2 comments on “Ardgour
  1. Carol Bolton says:

    Boyds of Ardgour
    I have a reference to Ewen Boyd in the 1693 Heath tax records for Argyll and now spot this name again within your website with references to a map coordinates.
    This is all new learning for me, and any advice on where/how to source map so can establish location of this place would be much appreciated.
    Carol Bolton

    • drixson says:

      I assume this is Lakich (Lickich Ewin Boyd ther). I could not locate this precisely – which is why the map column is blank. However early lists often worked in geographical order so probable location is not just a wild guess.
      will help you locate some of the other names. Unfortunately for RHP maps you will have to go to the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh.

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