Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Borrodale 4d 1616 NM 6984   4m Borwadall(1498), 4d except 5d(GD 201/1/362/3 – 1699)
Druimindarroch 1½d 1633 NM 6884   2½d(1699,1748)
Brunery 1d 1633 NM 6685/6785   Possibly 1½d in 1498
(Torr Mor) Ghaoideil 2d 1626 NM 6684/6784 Thomson 5d Gedeuall(c. 1309), 3d Gidoyll(1613,1616), otherwise 2d
(Allt) Sanntaig/Sandaig 1d 1633 NM 6583 Roy(PC)  
‘Ardaulish’ 1d 1626     Arddauyless(1626), Arddaingless(1626), Ardenleis(1633)
‘Kilnehake’   1498     Only reference
‘Dubh-Camus’ 1½d 1626 NM 6183/6283?   2d Douchameiss(1613,1616), otherwise 1½d, =Port a’Bhathaich?
Beasdale 1d 1616 NM 7184   5d Glenbestell & Bethey(c. 1309), normally 1d
Kinloid 2d 1613 NM 6687   With Ardnequhoray (Aird nam Fuaran) as 4m OE in 1534.
Aird nam Fuaran 2d 1626 NM 6687   With Kand-inloid (Kinloid) as 4m OE in 1534.

3d(1613,1616), 2½d(1748), 4d(1798)

‘Druimachoilach’ 1½d 1616 c. NM 6885   Consistently 1½d
Keppoch 3d 1613 NM 6586   3d(1613,1616), 3½d(1626), 4d(1748). Included Lingay Beg according to Fraser-Mackintosh, Excerpta … Vol V No 436(1850).
Torr a’ Bheithe 2d 1613 NM 6484   Torbey(1498), 2d(1613,1616,1626), ½d(1633), 1½d(1699, 1748)
‘Ardmaksemon’   1498     RMS II (2439) = Ardgassarie?
‘Ardgassarie’ 2½d 1613 NM 6485 Thomson 2½d(1613,1616,1626), 2d(1748, 1764). Sgeirean Ard Ghasraig at NM 648858. Included Duildade & Lingaymore according to Fraser-Mackintosh, Excerpta … Vol II No 943(1819).
Larichmore 1d 1613 NM 6786   Consistently 1d
Kinlochailort ½d 1613 NM 7682 Thomson,

RHP 44717

½d(1613,1616), 1d Kenlochendort & Stronahunshin(1626), 1¼d(1699), ½d(N.Kinlochaliort) ¾d(S.Kinlochaliort) in 1748

On RHP 44717 Kinlochailort is farm to N. of R. Ailort.

(Allt) Sron an Uinnseinn ½d 1613 NM 7580/7581   ½d(1613,1616)
Kenachreggan ¼d 1762 NM 7681 Thomson ¼d Kenichregan with ½d Blarluie in GD 201/5/1156 of 1762.

Site of Inverailort Castle, farm-name in GD128/49/3/1(1798)

Fiorlin (¼d) 1718     A part of the ‘town’ of Kenlochaliard(1718)
Arieniskill 1d 1626 NM 7883 RHP 44717 Arieiniskill(1626), 2 x ½d tacks(GD201/2/28, 1761)
(Glen) Mamie (Farm) 1d 1613 NM 7384    
Arnipol 1d 1613 NM 7484    
Brae Borrodale ½d 1626 ? c. NM 7585 Thomson Breaborradill(1626),

Loch Brae na Borrodale(Thomson, 1830)=Loch Mama now

Arieane ¼d 1626 c. NM 780819 Thomson ¾d(1699), ½d(1775) but probably included neighbouring farm(s)
Beinn Bheag ¼d 1626 NM 7782 Thomson Only appears in 1626, probably in Arieane later
Keilmarwy ½d 1626 NM 6586 Roy(PC) Killmorre(Roy), valued only in 1626, = Kilmaroy
Killibeg ½d 1613 NM 6586?   Killibeg(1613,1616), either=Kilmaroy or is other half of 1d
Polnish 1d 1699 NM 7582   Possibly in NRAS2950/1/45 & 46, 1626. 1d(1760).
Ardnish etc 4m 1498     3m 10s in GD201/1/36 & 121 & 235, but cf GD201/1/362/30 1776 where 5d is listed
Sloch ¼d 1626 NM 6981   Slock(1626), part of Pendue?
Pendue 1d 1776     GD201/1/362/30, = Pheighinn Dubh?, includes Feorlindhu?

Clan Donald III p 288 ‘Pendui'(1720)

Feorlindhu (¼d)   NM 7180   Part of Pendue?
Peanmeanach 1d 1776 NM 7180    
Laggan 1d 1764 NM 7179   GD201/1/278, GD201/1/362/30. See below.
Essan ½d 1776 NM 8181 RHP 44717 GD201/1/362/30
Ranochan 1d 1764 NM 8282 RHP 44717, Thomson 1d Rennachan, Torrary & Moy in GD201/5/1161 of 1764.


Toraraidh ⅜d? 1534 NM 7983/8083 RHP 44717, Thomson =5s Torrane in RMS III(1396) of 1534? 1d with Rennachan & Moy in GD201/5/1161 of 1764.

GD201/1/362/30, with Ranachan & Moy as 1d

Allt Lon a’ Mhuidhe   1764 NM 8481/8581 RHP 44717, Thomson 1d with Rennachan & Torrary in GD201/5/1161 of 1764.

Moy in GD201/1/362/30, with Ranochan & Toraraidh as 1d.

¼d of Moy in GD201/5/1200 1796.

Alisary ½d 1776 NM 7479 RHP 40996 Allasary in GD201/1/362/30, Alisary burn is march between Arisaig & Moidart, this ½d in Arisaig?



Fraser-Mackintosh, Excerpta … Vol II No 943 (1819) refers to Laggan with the islands called ‘Orassary’, ‘Nabarnach’ and ‘Nacharish’ in Lochailort. I think ‘Orossary’ will be for Oronsay which is a Norse name commonly given to islands which are joined to the mainland at low tide. This is the island now called Eilean nan Trom at NM 7279. ‘Nabarnach’ is now Eilean nam Bairneach also in NM 7279. I am not sure about ‘Nacharish’ although Eilean Buidhe (NM 7379) is the next most likely islet.


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5 comments on “Arisaig
  1. John Loughney says:

    I have seen reference to Carnibol in some of the Clan Ranald papers, would that be a form of Arnipol?


    • drixson says:

      John, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this so hesitate to comment. But neither can I think of another Clanranald property called Carnibol.

  2. John Loughney says:

    Hi Denis,

    Link in the website is for the Clanranald paper:

    10 Jun 1782
    Precept of removing in causa John McDonald of Clanranald and his curators against Donald McDonald, pretended tenant of Ardnafuaran, and John More McGillivray, pretended tenant of Carnpoll.

    – Note I have a copy of the original, if you are interested.

    I have a question for you, in your Arisaig & Morar book, you mention an 1748 Judicial Rental drawn up by David Bruce? Do you have a reference or document number? I would be most interested in getting a copy of that.


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