(The composition of this table is based on the list of farms in Gargavache which appears in the Rental of the Lordship of Huntly 1600 printed in Miscellany of the Spalding Club vol IV p 293)

Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Kilmonivaig 1m 1600 NN 1782/1783 Blaeu

RHP 2494(24)

RHP 2495

1m(1628 – Laing Charters(2017))
Brackletter 3m 1628 NN 1882 Gordon(37)

RHP 2494(25)

RHP 2495

RHP 2494(25) and Index makes clear that High Bridge was part of Brackletter. 5m(1600), 3m(1722, 1723, 1766).
Auchnahanate     NN 2081    
Aonachan 2m 1600 NN 2181/2281 RHP 2494(26)


5m with Killchonan (1642). Inechan More & Beg(1767)


Killiechonate 3m 1600 NN 2481 RHP 2494(27) 5m with Innaichan (1642).
Insh 6½m 1600 NN 2680 Blaeu


RHP 2494(28)

4m The Inch(1642), Inche(Blaeu)
Chlinaig 2m 1600 NN 2880 RHP 2494(29) 3½m with Monessie consistently from 1628. Clioneck(1600), Cleoneg(1628).
Monessie (1½m) 1628 NN 2980 RHP 2494(30) 1m 4sh(1600) but 3½m with Chlinaig consistently from 1628.
Achnacochine 2m 8s 1600 NN 3080 Gordon(37)

RHP 2494(31)

RHP 861

2m 8s is probably a shortened form of 2m 8s 4d which would be 2⅝m. Seann Bhaile is at NN 3180.
Inverlair 2m 8s 1600 NN 3379 RHP 2494(32)


2m with Knockanbuie(E760/1/2 c.1751-5), current position of farm suggests it has moved W from mouth of river? But Thomson also has Innerlarie to W of mouth of Ault Laire. Probably 2⅝m.
Fersit 4m 1628 NN 3578 Roy (PC) 17

RHP 2494(33)


‘Innerseatt’ is 3m 12sh in 1600 which is 1sh 4d shy of 4m. Thomson marks Fersit Riach E of the Water of Treig and Fersit Mor W of the Water of Treig.
Torgulbin   1767 NN 4382 Blaeu

RHP 2494(42)

In 1767 is specified as easternmost farm belonging to the Duke of Gordon in Lochaber. It does not appear in the list of 1600.
Blairour Beg 3½m 1600 c. NN 2282 Blaeu

RHP 2494 (34)

Moir was in Dochanassie so the boundary between the two estates must have been that between the two halves of Blairour farm.
Tirindrish 3m 1600 NN 2382 Blaeu, Gordon(38)

RHP 2494 (29,35)

Lernedriche(1600), Teirnadreish(1642), Ternedrish(Blaeu & Gordon(38))
Achaneich 3¼m 1600 NN 2481 Blaeu

RHP 2494 (27,36)

Auchmeche(1600), with Barhogie in 1642, Auchanneich(1648).

Barhogie is in Glen Gloy (RHP 2494 (39)).

Loch Treig 1m 1628   Blaeu

Roy (PC) 17

RHP 861(13)

1m is specified on the East side of water of Treig in 1628, 1722 & 1766. This is not in the list of 1600. The Lochaber rental of 1642 (GD44/51/743/1) mentions 1¼m Lo(i)chtreag.
Total 37m 12s


      If we allow Achnacochine and Inverlair to be 2m 8s 4d each the the total is 38m. In 1600 the total was 39m 8s 8d.



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