Strath and Strathaird

Strath and Strathaird


Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Kyleakin 4d 1738 NG 7526 Blaeu Cheules Akin(Blaeu), double.
Lusta 1d 1738 NG 6924 Stobie Lustay(1766), double, appears in 1738, thereafter in Kyleakin.
Coirechatachan 5d 1738 NG 6222 Stobie Double.
Tircherie 5d 1744 c. NG 6222?   Near Coire-chat-achan? single. ¼d with Swordale in 1743 etc.
Auchaflad         Near Tircherie?(GD221.132), with Swordale(GD221.4280.10),

Strath rental 1747 – ¼d with Swardle. Near Kilchrist says Lamont p 88.

Harrapool 5d   NG 6522 Blaeu, Stobie Harripoll(1738), Harroble(1747), Harraple(1766), double.
Skulamus 5d 1738 NG 6622 Blaeu, Stobie Double, but often seems to have included half Pabbay.
Breakish 5d(3d?) 1747 NG 6723/6823 Stobie Double, but often seems to have included half Pabbay, 3d in 1748.


Pabay 5d?   NG 6727/6726 Blaeu, Stobie Split between Skulamus & Breakish, Munro’s Monro p 69.
Ashaig 5d 1738 NG 6923 Blaeu, Stobie Askemorruy(Blaeu), single.
Cill Chriosd 5d 1738 NG 6120 Blaeu, Stobie Kilchrist, single.
Kilbride 5d 1738 NG 5920 Blaeu, Stobie Mainly double, Kilvrid(Blaeu).
Allt na Leth-pheighinne (½d)   NG 5819   By Kilbride. See Forbes p 155 for Drochaid na leth-pheighinn.
Torrin 6d 1741 NG 5720/5820 Stobie Double, often with Kinlochslapin. See Forbes p 431 for Torr na leth-pheighinn at Torrin.
Kinlochslapin 1d   NG 5622   GD221.4270.3
Suisnish (5d?) 1738 NG 5915 Stobie always with Boreraig, single, 10d combined.
Boreraig (5d?) 1738 NG 6216 Blaeu, Stobie always with Suisnish, single.
Burn of Pein       Stobie(1766) Just S of Dun Boreraig. <peighinn?
Hill of Peinchro?     NG 5624 Stobie(1766) Now Beinn na Cro.
Heast 5d 1738 NG 6417 Stobie Hest(1738), double.
Suardal 5d 1738 NG 6221 Stobie Single, +¼d Tyricherie(1743), +¼dAchflad(1747).
Strollamus 10d 1741 NG 5926/6026 Stobie Always with Kenuachtrach & Skinidin, total 10d or 11d (of which 5d single & 5d or 6d double. See below.
Camas na Sgianadin     NG 6225 Blaeu, Stobie =Skinidin. Always with Kenuachtrach & Strollamus.
Allt a’ chinn Uachdaraich (Scalpay)     NG 5929 Stobie =Kenuachtrach. Kenuachrach(1766).

Always with Strollamus & Skinidin.

Broadford 4d 1747 NG 6423 Stobie Does not appear <1747, double but single in 1748.
Duiskie 4d 1738     Does not appear >1743 so = Broadford? single.
Liveras 5d 1740 NG 6424 Blaeu, Stobie Leuras in Macf. Geog. Coll. II p 583. Forbes, p 237, speculates it is the land-unit. Double, = Corry now?
Geamball (Scalpay) 4d 1740 NG 6328 Blaeu, Stobie Keanbil(Blaeu), Double, = Scalpay House now.
Stappa (Scalpay)     NG 6027 Blaeu Macf Geog Coll II  p 583, Allt & Sgeir Stapaig.
Scalpay 4m       Skene, Celtic Scotland Vol III, Appendix III p 434, c. 1577-1595.
Sub-total 95d        
Arincreaga     NG 5621   Arinacraig – a sheiling of Nether Ringle in 1754.
Keppoch     NG 5518    
Ringill 2d? 1754 NG 5617   Upper & Nether, 1d each.
Kirkibost 5d 1754 NG 5417/5517    
Kilmarie 1d 1754 NG 5517   Kilmoree(1754).
Robostan 2½d 1754 NG 5417   Robiston(1747,1748), Roboston(1754).
Meabost 1½d 1754 NG 5315   Mibost(1748,1754), now Ben Meabost, I have regarded a single instance of Libost(1747) as a mistake for Meabost.
An Reidhean 1d 1754 NG 5415   Richin(1747,1748), Richan(1754).
Dun Liath 1½d 1747 NG 5414   Dunleir(1747), Dunlei(1748), Dounliah(1754).
Glasnakille 2½d 1754 NG 5312   Glasnakile 3½d double(1747), Glasnakill 3½d(1748), Glassnakylie 2½d(1754).
Elgol 5d 1675 NG 5213/5214   NRAS2950/1/66, Elgoll(1748,1754). See Forbes p 185.
Glen Scaladal 1d 1754 NG 5216   Glenscaladill(1754).
Camasunary 2½d 1754 NG 5118   =Camas Fhionnairigh.
Sub-total 25½d        
Total (120½d)        



I have chosen 10d because the Scalpay properties (Geamball (4d) & Kenuachtrach in Scalpay + Skinidin, Strollamus (10d) & Torrin (6d) in Skye) should add to 20d.


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