Lochaber: Maclean Lands, Edderayusk etc


Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Inverlochy 8m 1557 NN 1275 Pont(13), Blaeu

RHP 2494(10)

Torlundy 4m 1642 NN 1477 Blaeu, Gordon(36)

RHP 2494(11)

RHP 35981

RHP 861(32)

Teirlondy(1496). All references are to Teir, Ter or Tir – except Torlundy in RMS III (2065) of 1539-40.
‘Drumfowre’   1496 c. NN 158770 Blaeu

RHP 2494(12)

RHP 861(31)


Comment in RHP 2494 that there is limestone on Drumafour.

Thomson marks Drumfour S of Water of Lundy. This is virtually the only significant unit for which I have no valuation. It was 8m with Druimarbin, Achintore Beg & Clashfern in 1642. It cannot have been worth more than 4⅛m.

Achindaul 6½m 1510 NN 1780 Blaeu

Gordon(5, 36, 37)

RHP 2494(22)

RHP 861(24)

Achnadale(1496, Blaeu, Gordon)

RHP 2494(22) has Achindales More & Beg (Beg is S of More)

Camisky 3m 1510 NN 1480 Blaeu

RHP 2494(21)

Dun Lice 3m 1510 NN 1578 RHP 2494(20) Toulik(1496), Thomlerk(1508), 3m Thomelekebeg(1510),

2m Touelik(1557), 2m Tonleik(1642, 1660), Donleck(1767)

‘Dony’ 3m 1510 c. NN 177774 Blaeu


RHP 2494(13)

RHP 861


3m Dowane(1510), 2m(OE) Downy(1557),

Gleann Domhanaidh=NN 1576

Fraser-Mackintosh: Antiquarian Notes(1897) p 193 comments that the old road by the water of Lundy passes Donie. Thomson marks Donie just E of where Allt an t-Sneachda joins R. Lundy.

Coire Choille 6½m 1510 NN 2580(now)

NN 2377/2378


RHP 2494(17)

RHP 861(9)


Coire Choimhlidh=NN 2475, with Soukhauch in 1539-40(An Socach=NN 2376), with Achachar in 1767. Thomson marks Coire Choillie well up the Cour glen, but N of An Socach. 6½m included Achchar & Coirrae in 1642. See below.
Achachar   1496 NN 2579 RHP 2494(17-18)


Auchinquhare(1496), with Corichulie in 1767 – from which it lies North, cf Fraser-Mackintosh : Antiquarian Notes(1897) p 193.

Thomson marks Acharr on W bank of Ault Leacach.

Tomacharich 3m 1492 NN 1478 Gordon(37)

RHP 2494(19)

3m(1510, 1539, 1608, 1642, 1660)
Claggan   1767 NN 1174 RHP 2494

RHP 35981

Duke of Gordon’s farm
Total 37m +       Since I think ‘Drumfowre’ was in the region of 3m I think the Maclean holding in Lochaber was 40m, possibly a 4 davach unit.


Coire Choille

What is now Coire Choille farm (NN 2580) may be on site of Achachar. Originally Coire Choille lay further south but the two farms were combined in the eighteenth century and the name moved north.



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