Balfron Estates

Cramennan & Ballindalloch Estates


Farm name Modern name Individual Value Parish
Cramennan Estate (See remarks below).    
Drumquharie Drumquharn (NS 5088) 5m Killearn
Drumtheane Drumtian (NS 5188) 5m Killearn
Baddurdalloch-Westir Ballindalloch 5m Balfron
2 Kilfassettis Kilfasset (NS 5588) 10m Balfron
Wester Bawgar

Eister Bawgar

Wester Balgair

Easter Balgair

£10 or 15m for both. Balfron
Lie Parke de Crannynnane

cum lie Scheane

  2m Balfron


Kepculloch Kepculloch 5m Drymen
Gairsike Gaisland? 2m Balfron
Balindalloch Estate      
Mains of Ballindalloch Ballindalloch   Balfron
Little Ballindalloch Ballindalloch   Balfron
Keirhill Keirhill   Balfron
Polgairis Balgair £10 (15m) Balfron
Kilfossets Kilfasset (NS 5588) 10m Balfron
Ibert Ibert (NS 542893)   Balfron
Bent     Balfron
Mullannacleirich Mollinclerich (NS 545894)   Balfron



  1. a) RMS II (952) 1468 granted Balgare (£10), Kilfasanys (10m) & Westirballandach (5m) – a total of 30m.
  2. b) RMS IV (747) 1552-3 gives the barony of Crannynane extending to 40m OE as containing:

5m Drumquharie (Meikle Drumquharn in Killearn parish), 5m Drumtheane (Killearn parish), 2½m Baddurdalloch-Westir, 5m two Kilfassettis, 2½m Wester Bawgar, 5m Eister Bawgar, 2m parce lie Parke de Crannynnane, cum lie Scheane, (all in Balfron parish), 5m Kepculloch (Drymen) and 2m Gairsike. These total 34m and not 40m.

  1. c) GD220/1/D/5/7/1 1596 gives 20m Cremannan.
  2. d) GD220/1/D/5/7/2 1610 gives 20m Cremannan.
  3. e) GD220/1/D/5/7/9 1613 gives Cremannan comprehending Park, Schyan, Dumbrake, Kepculloch, Gaisland, Camoquhill & Carbeth.
  4. f) 20m Over Cremannan is given in GD220/1/D/8/4/7 1633.
  5. g) GD220/1/E/2/1/1 1660-1661 refers to the lands and barony of Bandalloch and Cremannan and then lists the lands of Auchingyle, Arrochymore, Comer, Corrieachan and Stukinvaich, Garchallan and Blairvockie in the parish of Inchcailloch.
  6. h) Retours (Stirling) (241) 1666 gives 20m Cramynnane as comprehending Park (Balfron), Shean (Balfron), Tombreck (Balfron), Carbeth (Killearn), Keptulloch (Drymen), Gairisland (Balfron), Meikle Camoquhell (Balfron), Blairvokie (Inchcailloch) & Croyis (Killearn).

It seems reasonable to equate 2m Gairsike of 1552-3 with Gaisland in 1613 and Gairisland of 1666.

  1. i) Cramannan is given as 30m in GD39/5/129 1666.
  2. j) 20m Cramynnane in GD39/5/136 1668.
  3. k) Retours (Stirling) (295) 1685 gives Buchanbeg, Buchanmore, Ballochroyne, Auchingyll, Arrachymoir, Comer & Carriachen, Stuckintavick and Garrochallan as parts of the barony of Craminnan. This is very similar to the following document:-
  4. l) The barony of Cremannan is given in GD220/1/H/3/2/5 1706 as 20m old extent lying in the parishes of Balfron, Killearn and Inchcailloch. The lands are listed as Buchanbeg (Killearn), Bochanmore (Killearn), Ballachrewan (Killearn), Auchingyle (Buchanan/ Inchcailloch), Arrochiemore (Inchcailloch), Comer and Carriachan (Inchcailloch), Stuckavick (Inchcailloch) and Garrochalane (Inchcailloch).


See also GD22/1/447.


The documents listed above, along with all the spelling variations, make matters extremely confusing. A), b), e) and h) all seem to describe Cremannan as if it was largely in Balfron. G), k) and l) describe it as if it were centred on Inchcailloch – although Blairvockie appears in both contexts (see g) & h) above). It may have been the case that there were once two baronies called Cremannan (or similar) – one based around Cremannan in Balfron and the other around Crom Mhin between Buchanan and Inchcailloch. (Is this why we sometimes come across the description ‘Over’ Cremannan)? This would confuse us now, and may have confused scribes and copyists in the past. For the moment I think this remains an open question. (See also Buchanan text file).



The Ballindalloch estate is given as 40m OE in Retours (Stirling) (241) 1666.

40m Ballindalloch in GD39/5/129 1666.

40m Ballindalloch in GD39/5/136 1668.

Retours (Stirling) (100) 1620 gives Cumbreck (Tombrake?) as in the barony of Ballindalloch.

See also GD39/1/316 1671.


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