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Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Spittal   1531     See below.
Barundridain     c. NS 4074/4174 Blaeu(Lennox) Just E of Dumbarton Castle. = Balrydyne of Dumbarton Retours (29) 1629?
Kirkmichaell £10 (15m) 1552     See below.
Nobilstoun         See below under Kirkmichaell.
Kilmalid     NS 395773   OS 6″ 1st Series Dumbartonshire Sheet XXII (1860).
Cunnyng Park 40s? (3m) 1531     RMS III (1080) 1531 describes it as ‘on the north side of the Spittail Burn’. See also RMS VII (353) 1610.
Dumbarton     NS 3975 Blaeu(Lennox)  
Lang Craigs     NS 4376 Blaeu(Lennox)  
Garshake 4m 1599 NS 4276 Blaeu(Lennox) Gartschavok (1466), Garshoak (Blaeu), see below.
Maryland     NS 4177 Blaeu(Lennox)  
Priestyard     NS 418771   OS 6″ 1st Series Dumbartonshire Sheet XXII (1860).
Loaninghead     NS 411769 Blaeu(Lennox) Lanhead in Blaeu by Hillhead

OS 6″ 1st Series Dumbartonshire Sheet XXII (1860).

Overtoun     NS 4276 Blaeu(Lennox)  
Middleton     NS 4275 Blaeu(Lennox)  
Milton     NS 4274 Blaeu(Lennox)  
Murroch     NS 4077 Blaeu(Lennox) Morehauch (Blaeu). See below.
Ardochhill     NS 405772 OS (1860) OS 6″ 1st Series Dumbartonshire Sheet XXII (1860).
Stonyflet       Blaeu(Lennox)


Breadfield     c. NS 4177/4277 Blaeu(Lennox)  
Hillhead       Blaeu(Lennox)  
Hill       Blaeu(Lennox)  
Gooseholm     c. NS 402766 Blaeu(Lennox)

OS (1860)

Gushoom (Blaeu), Gusurn (Roy(GM64)), Gusorn (Roy(GM19)).

OS 6″ 1st Series Dumbartonshire Sheet XXII (1860).

Crosslet     NS 4175 Roy(GM19&64)  
Barwood Hill     NS 4175 Roy(GM19&64) Barr (Roy)
Auchenreoch     NS 4278 Blaeu(Lennox)? =Achrioch (Blaeu)?


    c. NS 408764 Ross (1777)

OS (1860)


OS 6″ 1st Series Dumbartonshire Sheet XXII (1860).

Total 19m +        




RMS III (1080) 1531 refers to the ‘Spittail-burn’. In RMS VII (353) 1610 it is ‘Spittelburne’.

The collegiate church of the BVM in Dumbarton had a hospital and alms-house attached. The inmates were referred to as ‘bedemen’ (variously spelled). (See RMS IV (683) 1551-2, (747) 1552-3). What I do not know is whether ‘Spittail-burn’ took its name from this hospital or an earlier Templar or Hospitaller property.



RMS I (82) 1315-21. Robertson’s Index p 59 No 4 (David II) – charter to William Flemyng of the lands of Kirkmichell.

At £10 (15m) this was a sizeable estate. RSS IV (1765) 1552 implies it comprised (Kirkmichaell +) Nobilstoun, Kilmaled and Cunnyng Park. In Dumbarton Retours (12) 1608 it is called the lands of Kirkmichaell & Kilmalid. Kirkmichaell was also known as Kirkmichaell-Semple. Its total value was consistently £10. NB Kirk- rather than Kil- from at least the time of Robert I (RMS I (82) 1315-21).



Irving Vol II p 251. Fraser, The Chiefs of Colquhoun and their country, Vol II, No 34, is a 1479 retour which describes Garshake and says the lands are now worth 10m p.a. – as they were ‘tempore pacis’ (i.e. under Old Extent). No 39 is another retour from 1493 which makes similar statements but says they are now worth 12m p.a. I think what we are seeing here is an example of confusion between an annual return and an extent. Accordingly I have disregarded these two retours as far as extent is concerned – although they give valuable descriptions of Garshake. It (Gertschawac, 1479; Gartschawok, 1493) lay between the Colquhoun Burn on the east and the Garshake Burn on the west. The latter name still survives on the map and I imagine the former is now Overtoun Burn.


Murroch etc

In RMS VII (190) 1609 James VI ratified earlier charters and grants to Dumbarton, running through a list of nine of them issued between 1222 and 1488. The second of these assigned two-thirds of Murvaich to Dumbarton in 1223. The remaining one-third was granted to the burgh by the same king in 1230.


Cartularium de Levenax pp 1-2, King Alexander II granted Maldoven, son of Alwin, earl of Lennox, the earldom of Lennox in 1238:

excepto castro de Dunbretane, cum terra de Murrach

(except Dumbarton Castle with the land of Murrach)

For more on Murrach see also Irving Vol I p 59.


See Irving Vol II, pp 20-22 for boundaries and common lands of Dumbarton burgh in 1609 (taken from RMS VII (190) with some amendments):

‘though of old called the lands of Murvaich, are now known by the lands of Corslat, Stoneflat, Aikenbar, Chapeltown, Guisholm, Glen, Murvaich, Auchinreoch, Kilmalid, Millross, Meadow, Rindredding, Marieland, Heddrieward, Gortshavock, Howatschallhill, Conyngheid, alias Braidbank, and Roundredding’.

For boundaries see also Irving Vol II, pp 99-101; Guthrie Smith, Strathendrick, pp 275-6.


Dumbarton Retours (29) 1629 refers to common lands of Dumbarton called ‘Leiches-Glen, Skairis-Glen, Peitbogis, as well as common lands next to Balrydyne’ with a total extent of 10s, common lands called Sanct-Maries-Wolstryip which had an extent of 4s. (These extents are not described as either ‘Old’ or ‘New’ so I am very doubtful as to what they really represent).


Dumbarton Retours (85) 1690 gives:



Loninghead with pertinents, viz., Overbroadbanks, Netherbroadbanks, Langlands, Woodcockhill, Molens & Sandiefauld;

Maryland, Runridding & Hedryuaird;


Lockarts Brae;


Nether Milross

Over or West Milross;


Arthur’s croft alias Briglands;




although many of these were very small.


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