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RMS II (165, 166) 1430 (on originals of 1423), (634) 1458, (808) 1464, (833) 1465, (1082) 1472, (1901) 1489, (2357) 1497

RMS III (1000) 1531, (2402) 1541, (3140) 1545

RMS IV (13) 1546, (1373) 1559

RMS V (76) 1580


RSS III (1356) 1545


Stirling Retours (123) 1627, (149) 1634, (187) 1647, (237) 1665, (251) 1669


Dumbarton Retours (25) 1625, (53) 1655, (57) 1662, (71) 1680


GD220/1/C/2/3/9 1675

GD220/1/F/6/6/7 1565-6

GD220/1/H/3/2/5 1706, GD220/1/H/7/6/4 1712

GD220/1/J/5/4/5 1730, GD220/1/J/5/4/6 1731


CR9/25 1930-1


OSA Vol 11 No XXVIII pp 371-382, 1794, Rev Gavin Gibb, Minister of Strathblane


Fintry appears to have been a relatively small parish although its borders may have varied over time. In the SE it stretched to the ‘Fennauch’ which may refer to the upper part of the Carron west of Fennochhaugh (NS 676845 – see under Campsie). Later I believe it absorbed the area south of the Fennauch/Carron around the Meikle Bin and Little Bin which were formerly part of Campsie. In the north its boundary was probably the watershed of the Fintry Hills whilst according to Rev Gavin Gibb in 1794 the Endrick formed 2 miles of its eastern boundary. This was presumably some of all of the Upper Endrick above where it turns through a right-angle by Todholes (NS 6786). (GD220/1/J/5/4/5 1730-1 & GD220/1/J/5/4/6 1731 describe a march dispute in the Fintry Hills).


In the west the boundary with Killearn was, according to Thomson, the Kilewnan Burn. In the NW the boundary seems to have stretched little further than Culcreuch. The matter is complicated by the fact that OPS I pp 42-3 assumed Balneglerauch and Nentbolg were both in Fintry whereas the former is in Campsie and the latter in Killearn.


I have little hard evidence of extent in Fintry. My table shows 52½m. The Craigton estate was probably a carucate and the Culcreuch estate half a carucate. Gonachan may well have been a quarterland. The whole parish (excluding the area round Meikle Bin and Little Bin) may only have been 2 carucates.


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