Abbey of Fearn – Table of lands held

Abbey of Fearn – possessions in different documents

ALI No 90, pp 143-6, 1467 Papal Bull 1529


Book of Assumptions

c. 1561 p 633

Retours (21 & 22)


Retours (40) 1615

(Ross of Balnagowne)

Retours (92) 1643

(James Sinclair)

Nove Fernie Site of monastery Manes of Fearnie Ferne, E & W Ferne ½ manor of + Wester Drum ½ manor of
Miltoun   Myltoun Miltoune   Litle Mylntoun
Muldairg   Muldarg Muldarge Muldarg  
2 davachs: Litill & Mekill Rany 3 davachs: Rathne & Pitkeri Meikill Rany

Lytill Rany



Meikill Rayny  

Litle Ranny

2 davachs: Petkery &


2 davachs: Rochani & Balmochi Balmoch






Bellamuthie et Ballavaiche
3 davachs: Wester, Midill, Eister Gany 2 davachs: Gathne Midilgany, Wastir Gany, Eistir Gany Midganie, Wasterganie, Easterganie ½ W. Ganie Eister Ganny, Mid Ganye
1 (or ½) davach


1 davach Cathbulnacrene Catboll Fischar Catboll-Fischer 4 acres of Catboll-Fischer Catboll-Fischer & Culloche/Tulloche
Downy in Westray 1½ davachs in Dwne Downy, Westray Downe Westra Downie  
Eister Ferne &

Wester Ferne

1 davach Greater Fern

½ davach Lesser Fern

Westis Ferme

Eistir Ferne

Eister & Wester Ferne Wester Ferne Eister Ferne
Laidelamoch ½ davach Lochclawak Lawch Clawethe Leachclemok   Lachclaveig
Innercharoan & fishing of Bonach 2 davachs in Innercharron

Fishing in Banaff


& fishings of Bonath


Fishings of Brouache


Fishing of Bonack



Amate in Stracharron   Amot Amote   Almet
Achnagart (=Rulony) + fishing & ferry) Land in Archanagart

(+ fishing & ferry)

Beloun Rytdue Ranylome  
Achnagullane Halchmaguli        
Bralugude Braghlugudi        
Alveyn (forest)          
Salchi (forest) Salki       Sallachie, Muckirnach
  Davachnaclerach (near Cadboll & Gany)        
  Lands in Innerladour        
  Fishings of Choro in town of Kincardine        
    Knokydaff Ukades    
    Ballie blair Balblair   Belblaire
    The Dow Croft Dowcroft   Dowcroft
    Brighous Brighous   Brighous
    Tulloch/Tullich Smuith    
        Torrendow, Cullin


    Mylcroft & Weitland Mylcroft, Veitland   Milcroft, Weitland



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