Gairloch Farms

Gairloch Farms

ER XVI p 597, 1535 ER XVI p 602, 1535-6 ER XIX p 507, 1562-3 Retours (Ross) (3) 1566 ER XIX p 557, 1566-7 Retours (Ross) (4) 1569 RMS VII (2078) 1619 Retours (Ross) (87) 1638
Gerlocht Gerloch Garloch Garloch Garloch Garloch,    
Kirktoun Kirktoun Kirktoun Kirktour Kirktoun Kirktoun Kirktoun Kirktoun
Fildage Fildage Sildage Fyldage Sildage Fyldage Sildag Sildag
Hoyngildaile Hoyngildaile Hoyngildal Hamgildaill Haingildaill Hayningdaill 2 Oyngiddillis 2 Oyngadelles
Mailfage Mailfaige Malesag Malefage Malefage Malefage Mailfag Mailfag
Eleife Cleif Cryffe Cryf Crif Creiff Clive Clive
            Debak Debak
Inneraspitill Innerraspitill Inverassedill Inneraspidill Inveraspidill Inverassedall Inveraspiddill Inneraspedell
Sandecarrane Sandecarrane Sandechoran Sandecorran Sandecorran Sandechorane Sandecarran Sandcarrane
Beddaththro Beddaththro Baddachro Baddichro Baddachre Baddachiro Baddechro Badethro
Binas Sandeis Binas Sandeis binas Sandeis Beinsanderis binas Sandeis Binas 2 Sandes 2 Sandis
Meall Meall Meal Meall Meall Sandersmaill Maill + new mill Meoll + mill
Alawdill Alawdill Allawadill Allawdill Allawdill Alwadill Telladill Telbadell (or Telledill)
+ grazing of + grazing of + grazing of + grazing of + grazing of + grazing of + grazing of + grazing of
Glaslettir & Glaslettir & Gloslottyr & Glaslettir & Glaslettyr & Glaslettyr & Glasletter Glasslatter &
Corragullen Corragillen Cornagullon Cornagullan Cornagullan Carnagullane Correnculen Corrane-Cullane
            Erredill Erredell
            Tollie Tollie
            2 Nastis 2 Nastis
            Aldgrissen Auldgressen
            R.. Kerre & R.. Baddechro & salmon fishing R..Kerrie & R..Badethro & salmon fishing
            Half R.. Ewe & salmon fishing Half R. Ew + salmon fishing
            Elenew Ellenow
            Aichidcairne Achitcairne
            Udroll Udroll
            Lochmouroy + islands Lochmaroy + islands
Rent £160 for ? years Rent £8 (12m) Rent £120 for 12 years. O.E. £8 (12m)

N.E. £16 (24m)

Rent £8 (12m) O.E.£8 (12m)

N.E.£16 (24m)

  O.E. £8 (12m)

N.E. £16 (24m)

The farms are not always listed in the same order.

The first two entries in the first six columns should perhaps be read as one – i.e. the Kirktoun of Gairloch.

Further similar lists are found in ER XX p 401 1569 & Retours (Ross) (130) 1673.

Retours (Ross) (4) 1569 gives a good example of how corruptions creep in. ‘Binas’ just means ‘two’ but in the printed summary ‘Binas’ has become a name and Sandersmaill is really Sand + Miol!

Old Extent and Rent match fairly well and reinforce the 1494 assertion that Gairloch was 12m (£8) old extent.

For Diabaig see also Applecross Farms table.


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