Kilmorack – Summary Table


ST(1) = Simon Taylor, Place-Name Survey ….. Pdf file available on web. ST(2) = Simon Taylor (2019). CW = Chisholm Writs.

Amongst the lands of Beauly Priory in 1571 are a number of properties and crofts we can no longer identify. In later times I suspect some of these became included in the farms of Lettoch, Tomich, Barnyards and Wellhouse.

For the purposes of this table I have included Crochail (later transferred to Kiltarlity & Convinth), Ardnagrask, Tomich & Lettoch (later transferred to Urray) – see Shennan pp 133 & 150.

Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
N of Beauly River  
Ardnagrask (1 davach) 1670 NH 5249 Roy(FC)

RHP 6586

NLS Lovat271

See below. NLS Lovat088, Lovat106, Lovat271.

ex Beauly Priory.

Lettoch ½ davach 1755 NH 536482 RHP 6586

NLS Lovat243

NLS Lovat262

NLS Lovat271

NLS Lovat286

E769/69 1755 – ‘half Duagh of Lettock’.

See below.


Tomich   NH 5347 RHP 6586

NLS Lovat262

NLS Lovat286

NLS Lovat287


Ex Urray – see Shennan p 150.
Barnyards   NH 5346 RHP 6586

NLS Lovat093

NLS Lovat287

Ex Urray – see Shennan p 150. ST(2) p 54.


  NH 5247

NH 522472


NLS Lovat093

NLS Lovat121



OPS II, II p514 states that at Wellhouse there was a consecrated spring and a cross. This makes it likely that Wellhouse was part of the Priory lands. ST(2) pp 127-8.

Croyard   1571 NH 5146 RHP 6586

NLS Lovat181


It appears from the Beauly Charters that Over-Croyard was a pendicle of Teachnuick and ex Beauly Priory.

ST(2) pp 79-80, 107.

Beauly ½ davach 1571 NH 5246 Blaeu(Extima S.)

RHP 6586


Ex Beauly Priory. The ‘terras dominicales’ or Mains Farm of Beauly Priory gave the rent of a half-davach in 1571.

ST(2) p 55.

Ruilick   1571 NH 5146 RHP 6586

NLS Lovat034

NLS Lovat038

It appears from the Beauly Charters that Ruilick was a pendicle of Teachnuick and ex Beauly Priory.

ST(2) pp 109-110.

Grayfields   NH 5146 NLS Lovat038 Grayfields possibly = Grenefald. It appears from the Beauly Charters that Grenefald was a pendicle of Teachnuick and ex Beauly Priory. ST(2) p 90.
Teachnuick 1 davach? 1571 NH 513461 RHP 6586

NLS Lovat038


ST(2) p 119. Ex Beauly Priory. Only a silver rent paid but that suggests the farm could have been as much as a davach.
Inchrory (½ davach) 1571 NH 5045/5046 Roy(FC)

RHP 6586


ST(2) p 93. Ex Beauly Priory. According to the Reddendo in 1571 Inchrory is almost certainly a ½ davach. NLS Lovat036.

ST(2) p 93.

Altyre ¾ davach? 1571 NH 5045 Blaeu(Extima S.)

RHP 6586


Ex Beauly Priory. ST(2) pp 45-6. See below.

NLS Lovat036.

Craigscorrie (½ davach) 1571 NH 501453 RHP 6586


NLS Lovat036

Ex Beauly Priory. Rent suggests ½ davach in RMS IV (2020) 1571. 3 oxgangs (⅜) in RS37/7/31r 1648.

ST(2) p 76.

Teafrish ⅛ davach? 1571 NH 498445 NLS Lovat036

NLS Lovat261

Ex Beauly Priory. Rent suggests about an ⅛ land. NLS GB111.

ST(2) p 120.

Platchaig ½ davach 1571 NH 497450 NLS Lovat036 Ex Beauly Priory. ST(2) pp 107-8. See below.
Kirktoun (of Kilmorack)


  1515 NH 4944 Blaeu(Extima S.)

RHP 6586

Kilmorok in 1437, Kilmoricht in 1532, ST(1) pp 117-118. ST(2) pp 95-6. Ex bishopric. NLS Lovat036, NLS Lovat234, Lovat238, Lovat236/1&2. See below.
Farley (½ davach) 1571 NH 471454 Blaeu(Extima S.)

RHP 6586

Ex Beauly Priory. According to the Reddendo in 1571 Fernilie is almost certainly a ½ davach. NLS Lovat237, Lovat351, Lovat022, GB123, GB125, Lovat026. ST(2) p 87.
Urchany ¼ davach? 1571 NH 4445 Blaeu(Extima S.)

RHP 6586

ST(2) p 127. Ex Beauly Priory. Rent suggests about a ¼ land.

NLS Lovat289, Lovat264, Lovat215, Lovat290, Lovat279, Lovat291, GB127, GB129

Groam (of Annat) (½ davach) 1571 NH 5143 RHP 6586 Ex Beauly Priory. According to the Reddendo in 1571 Grome is almost certainly a ½ davach. ST(2) pp 90-93.
Half-Davach ½ davach 1571 Ex Beauly Priory. See below under Lettoch and Coracharabic.
Sitheney/Sethink   See below.
Sub-total Min 5¾ davachs
Strath Glass (W. side)   ST(2) pp 36-37.
Breakachy 1 davach 1763 NH 4644 Blaeu(Extima S.) See below. ST(2) p 60. GD23/4/190.
Ardochy   NH 4643 ST(2) p 47.

Eister Agies

Wester Aigas


½ davach

½ davach?



NH 4541 Blaeu(Extima S.)


RHP 6586


See below. ST(2) pp 39-41. GD297/179 1398. RMS III (1639) 1536 (East & West). RMS IV (2958) 1579-80, RMS VII (330) 1610. Retours (Inverness) (52) 1633, (97) 1665. Included the ‘isle’ of Aigas and the forest of Browling. RHP 6586 adds ‘Mid’. NLS Lovat096, Lovat099, Lovat103, Lovat104, Lovat109, Lovat111, Lovat115.
Clychnahoan etc   NLS GB097 Clychnahoan, Shanavall, Craigdu, Trecarach, Crocknashalavoch.
Erchless   NLS Lovat208 See under Kiltarlity parish.
Sub-total Min 1½ davachs
Glen Strathfarrar   NLS Lovat202, Lovat223, Lovat224, Lovat316, Lovat321.
Culligran ½ davach 1638 NH 3841 Blaeu(Extima S.)

NLS Lovat158

NLS Lovat172-4

ST(2) pp 81-2. RMS II (3730) 1512, RMS IX (1410) on original of 1638. Marches with Erchless (Convinth parish) in CW No 130 1630. For march dispute see RH MacDonald pp 126-7.

Allt Coire Chairbe

1571 NH 3146

NH 3145

Ex Beauly Priory. ST(2) pp 73-4. See below.

Only grazing in NLS Lovat321.

Deanie   NH 3139 Blaeu(Extima S.)

NLS Lovat201

Daheny in RMS II (3730) 1512. CW No 218 1652. NLS Dep 327/56/12 1694. A sheiling of Wester Aigas in NLS Dep 327/56/1 1574. ST(2) p 83.
Beanachran 1637 NH 3039 Blaeu(Extima S.) ST(2) pp 54-5. See below.
Mulie   1653 NH 280386 Glen Strathfarrar. ST(2) pp 104-5. CW No 817 1728. See below.
Auchteroe ⅛ davach? 1637 NH 259385 ST(2) p 49. Ochterro in RMS IX (658) < ochdamh ‘an eighth’?
Braulen   NH 2338 ST(2) pp 58-9. See below under Beanachran.
Beanachran, Mulie, Auchteroe, E ½ Braulen ⅝ davach 1637 Above 4 properties.

RMS IX (658) 1637.

Inchvuilt ⅛ davach? 1653 NH 229386 ST(2) p 93. See below.
Innisanloichel ⅛ davach? 1653 NH 204383 ST(2) p 94. See below under Inchvuilt.
Struy (W & E)


Little Struy



½ davach




NH 3939 Blaeu(Extima S.)

Roy (FC)

RMS II (3730) 1512. NLS Lovat202, Lovat280, Lovat281, Lovat316. ST(2) pp 117-118. Broch.

Little Struy & Artiglen = ½ davach in RS36/2/321r 1607.

CW No 86 1618. ST(2) p 98.

Artlican/Artligan   NLS GB095 Linked with Little Struy above. ST(2) pp 47-8.
Total Glen Strathfarrar min 1⅞ davachs From Culligran W to Innisanloichel along N bank and then E back to Struy on S bank.
Strath Glass (W. side)


Glassfield & Crunish   NLS GB091
Creelevan & Carnech   NLS GB093
Invercannich 1 davach 1648 NH 346322 Roy(FC)


2 of in RMS II (3831) 1513 & III (1943) 1538-9. Part of a 3-davach unit with Knockfin, Comermore & Brekachy. See below.
Glen Cannich 1 davach 1763 CW No 987 1763. See below.
Comar   See under Kiltarlity parish.
Glen Affric   See below.

Wester Knockfin

½ davach 1648 NH 2926

NH 2825

Blaeu(Extima S.) Strathglass. ST(2) p 96. See below.
Strath Glass (E. side)  




1 davach


½ davach

2 aratra






NH 3734

NH 3835

NH 3633

RHP 3717




Croythel. See below.

RHP 3717 Wester & Mid Crochail.

CW No 307.

i.e. 2 ploughs or ½ davach.

Sub-total Strath Glass Min 2½ davachs
Kerne or Kerue


? Kearrue

1 davach


¼ davach




There is a ‘dauch’ Kerne or Kerue in GD128/23/1/3 1594 which I cannot identify.

RH MacDonald p106 – different to Kerrow in Comer Kirktoun?

Total Min 11⅝ davachs


N of Beauly River



RMS VII (2078) 1619, Retours (Ross) (130) 1673 & Retours (Ross) (162) 1697 refer to half of Arnegrask. GD305/1/128/2 1670 gives ‘over half davach lands of Ardnachrask’ – which suggests a ‘nether’ half as well. See also Retours (Inverness) (58) 1635. S Taylor (1) (p 17) says in Kilmorack parish till 1891 – see Shennan p 133. CW No 19 1574; CW No 133 1631 for march issue with Rheindown.



Name < Gaelic leth-dabhach or half-davach. Unlike ST(1) I do not think this is necessarily the site called ‘Half-davach’ in the Beauly Priory Charters. ST links this with Both and Coracharabic. Since Lettoch is a considerable distance from Coracharabic I am sceptical. I think it more likely there was another, and quite separate, half-davach unit closer to Both or Coracharabic which also belonged to Beauly Priory. See also Shennan p 133.



Alter a parish name in Bagimond’s Roll (1274). One-third of Altyre was given to Beauly Priory c. 1315 (Batten pp 74-6) and another third c. 1315 x 1325 (Batten pp 78-80). RMS IV (2020) gives the Priory lands in 1571 and it seems most likely that they then included a half-davach of Altyre. If two-thirds of Altyre was a half-davach then the whole of Altyre would be ¾ davach. This seems unlikely and I suspect that a quarterland was ‘lost’ before the gifts to Beauly. Was it churchland?



PRO SP46/129 97626 refers to ‘the twa plewis of Platchaige’ in 1653. Two ploughs would be 4 bovates or half a davach. This matches exactly with what the rental in RMS IV (2020) 1571 would lead us to expect.


Kirktoun (of Kilmorack)

ALI (24) 1437. Kirktoun of Kilmaroch + Craig and fishing called the ‘Ess’ in GD90/1/104 1515. Kirktoun de Kilmoricht + ‘le Craig’ and fishery called ‘le Ess’: Batten pp 205-16, OPS II, II p 508, 40s ‘old ferme’.

From the point of view of identifying the personal name in this compound (cille + name) it should be remembered that there is also a Kilmorich parish (& farm) in Cowal whose church belonged to Inchaffray. This Cowal church may have been dedicated to St Morich, or Murdoch, of Dunblane. (See comments in HB Millar, The Castle of Fraoch Eilean, Loch Awe, in Transactions of the Glasgow Archaeological Society Vol XV Part III, 1966, p 128).



ST(2) pp 115-116 discusses this lost place-name. Batten p 254 prints a tack to John Clerk in 1568 which refers to ‘ye Cuthill’. Cuthill is an anglicised version of the Gaelic comhdhail which seems to have described a local court. Barrow maps these on p 191 of Atlas of Scottish History to 1707. The tack says that a road passes east-west through the Cuthill. The name Cuthill has not survived but Cnoc an Rath (NH 5246) lies just west of Beauly and OS 6″ 1st Series Sheet II of 1872 shows a track running east-west through it. Cnoc an Rath was probably the Cuthill of the Beauly area and possibly also Sitheney/Sethink. Could the second element of Sethink indicate a Norse thing?



Strath Glass (W. side)



2 Brekachyis in RMS II (3831) 1513 & RMS III (1943) 1538-9. In Retours (Inverness) (107) 1685 it includes the mill and Glen called ‘Glengourie’. Part of a 3-davach unit with Knockfin, Comermore & Invercannich. CW No 262 1659 gives Teanassie as part of Breakachy. CW No 934 1747 gives sheilings of Glengourie (Glengaurie in No 944 1749). GD23/4/190 1763 & CW No 987 1763 give Brackachy as a davach. RH MacDonald, p 99, gives Inchichanich in Breckach in 1721.



‘Two Agaissis’ – RSS II (4673) 1542. Half-davach Old Extent of Eister Agies (+ Isle) in RS36/2/193r 1607. (Also in NLS Dep 327/56/6 1607). Wester Agess with sheilings called Noachra & Deany in NLS Dep 327/56/1 1574.



Glen Strathfarrar



RMS IV (2020) 1571, RMS V (2165) 1592, RMS IX (227) 1634 & NLS Dep 327/48/3 1738 all describe a group of lands called The Half-Davach, Bocht (or Boytht etc) and Conharbre (or Conharberie etc). They were properties of Beauly Abbey and in 1571 returned a silver rent of 3m, 2m and 1m respectively. (See above under Lettoch and also Beauly Priory Table). This farm covers a large area of rough grazing but I doubt it was ever valued at more than a fraction of a davach.



RS36/2/194v 1607, RS36/2/374v 1608. In RMS IX (658) 1637 with Munlie/Muilie, Ochterro and the eastern half of Broulin – together coming to ⅝ davach old extent. If Ochterro was actually ⅛, as the name may imply, then Beanachran with Munlie/Muilie and half Broulin was ½ davach. Since Munlie/Muilie (below) was ¼ davach then Beanachran and half Broulin together made another ¼ davach.


Mulie (also Munlie or Muilie)

PRO SP46/129 97626 refers to ‘the pleuch of Munlie’ in 1653. A pleuch or plough was 2 bovates or ¼ davach.



PRO SP46/129 97626 refers to ‘the pleuch of Inchmult and Inchlochell’ in 1653. A pleuch or plough was 2 bovates so it seems probable that each was a bovate.



Strath Glass (W. side) continued



CW No 196 1648 gives 4 ploughs (i.e. 1 davach) of Inverchannich with the glen thereof. CW No’s 497, 499 & 500 1678, 564 1686, 752 1710 give ½ davach Wester Innercannich and pendicle of Craskie. (See also RH MacDonald p108). In CW No 138 1632 Wester Innerchannich & mill had Mucreach in Glencannich as sheiling. CW No 670 1701 gives ‘four aughten pairts’ (i.e. four-eighths or half a davach) of Easter Inverchanich. CW No 313 1664 suggests Dalreach was linked to Easter Invercannich. Retours (Inverness) (107) 1685 includes ‘Easter and Wester Innerchanichs and the mill of Wester Innerchaunich with their glens called Craskie, Muckeram, Cariefatrie and Innernacourt’. Muckeram is Muckerach in GD23/4/190 1763. See also RH MacDonald pp106 & 117 (latter details grazings). ST(2) p 95.


Glen Cannich

Although this is given as a davach in 1763 the evidence is late and I am a little dubious as to whether its settlements were free-standing or just adjuncts to other properties. Settlements included Muckerach, Craskie, Carrie, Shallvanach, Dellreoch and Glasscheren (see CW No’s 485 1677, 532 1682, 557 1685, 571 1688, 987 1763). Liatrie often occurs in the records but I have found no assessment.

CW No 196 1648 gives 4 ploughs (i.e. 1 davach) of Inverchannich ‘with the glen thereof’ – which might imply that Glen Cannich was included.


Glen Affric

I have found no valuations at all in Glen Affric. It may always have been regarded as grazing. It contained numerous named shielings – see accompanying text file.



RMS II (3831) 1513 & RMS III (1943) 1538-9. Two ploughs (i.e. half davach) in CW No 196 1648. Half davach in CW No 560 1686 and No 826 1728 (this last with the grazings of Cullowie, Amullach and Apharickvullach. An ‘auchten’ (eighth) part in CW No 44 1593 – but this was only part of it. In Retours (Inverness) (107) 1685 it includes the forest of Affrick and the shielings of Cullovie, Lubknockden, Altbea, Cornagaw, Lubernagail, Ballnaculloch, Affrickmulloch, Glenarim, Tombean, Fauthor, Leckovie, Strathnashalgie. Part of a 3-davach unit with Comermore, Invercannich & Brekachy. See also RH MacDonald pp110-111.



Strath Glass (E. side)



Liber Insule Missarum l-li No 35 or Illustrations of the Topography and Antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff Vol IV pp 377-8. Croychel, RMS II (3730) 1512; RMS IV (987) 1554-5; OPS II, II pp 515-6; ST(1) pp 75-6, 93, 142, 184; ST(2) pp 169-170.



Chisholm estate

Retours (Ross) (171) 1590 states that the lands of Knokfyne, Commirmore, 2 Innerchannans, Brakatheis, woods and forest of Auffrage, Cawllone and Branalethe, extended to 3 davachs in Strathglass. See also CW No 127 1630, No 448 1674; Retours (Inverness) (103) 1677, (107) 1685. This Chisholm estate is on record as a unit from 1513 – but without an assessment. More components are given in CW No 104 1622: Breakachies, two Innerchannichs, with their pertinents Crasky, Muckerach, Carrie, Leatarrie, Innernauld, Coysig, Dealvamarch; and Meikle Comer with pendicles Mean and Auchowzaird; Easter and Wester Knockfynnis and pertinents. This 3-davach ancestral estate should be kept separate from other properties the Chisholms acquired such as Erchless and Buntait. My tables give Knockfin = ½ davach; Comer More (see Kiltarlity) = 1 davach; Invercannich = 1 davach; Breakachy = 1 davach. This totals 3½ davachs so I suspect Comer More was only ½ a davach by 1590. See also RS38/5/344r 1685.


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