Lochcarron – Summary Table


As with Lochalsh some of the Lochcarron farms went to the Camerons; others were divided between the Glengarry and Kildun families. (See ‘de Insulis’ table). The values of the Kildun portions are not stated but we can assume they matched the Glengarry parts. This means that wherever there is a specific Glengarry valuation we can double it to arrive at the original ‘de Insulis’ value. So Glengarry had a half-davach of Attadale in 1548. The Kilduns must have had a matching half-davach (shown in brackets in the ‘Value’ column to indicate a derived value). This Kildun portion is referred to (albeit without value) in RMS V (665) 1583-4. The total value of Attadale was therefore 1 davach.

Macgill gives some place-names on pp 254 & 341. Gordon(ES) = Gordon/Blaeu Extima Scotiae

Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Attadale ½ davach

(½ davach)



NG 9238 Pont(4)


See below.
Achnashellach ¼ davach

(¼ davach)



NH 0048 Pont(4)


Marked on both the N & S sides of the river in Pont – each with a settlement symbol. RSS VI (1549) 1572.

½ Auchinsellach in Retours (Ross) (12) 1584.

In 1583-4 it is ½ Achnesellache & Coullone.




NH 0154

  See Achnashellach above. Retours (Ross) (79) 1633 gives Coullin immediately after Auchnaschellach. Coulin in RMS X (440) 1655.

Coulin is on the north side of the watershed so was probably not a Lochcarron property so much as a place where Achnashellach had shieling rights.

Dalmartin ¼ davach

(¼ davach)






RSS VI (1549) 1572. Only the superiority of ½ Dalmartin was sold to Kintail in 1583-4 because the lands had been feued to the late Roderick Bane. Dallachmartin in Pont – N side of river, just West of Loch Dùghaill. Dalvartin in Roy(PC) – N side of river.
Ribhuachan ⅛ davach

(⅛ davach)



NG 9242 Gordon(ES) Ribowachan (Gordon).
Eddircarron ¼ davach

(¼ davach)



NG 9342/9442 Pont(4)



= New Kelso (PNRC p 198). Edracharronmor (to SE) & Edracharronbegg (to NW) in Roy(PC) – both on N side of river.

½ davach in RMS IV (204) 1548; ¼ davach in OPS II, II, p 400. The 1607 figure for Glengarry’s share agrees with OPS so I have adopted this.

Arineckaig 10s


(¼ davach)



NG 9744/9844 Pont(4)


Arnachtaig (Cameron). Gift of nonentry to Glengarry.

½ Arimachlag in Retours (Ross)(12) to Glengarry.

Pont(4) marks Innernakaig. See below.

By analogy with other farms below perhaps 10s = a ¼ davach?

Allt Slochd na pein (1d)   NG 9643/9743   This place-name indicates that pennylands were once a component of land-assessment in Lochcarron.
Achintee     NG 9441 Pont(4)


See Achinche immediately below.
Achinche 30s or

¾ davach

1492     This may be Achintee since ‘c’ and ‘t’ are commonly misread. The valuation is anomalous. See below.
Kirkton   1587 NG 9141 Pont(4)


Ex bishopric of Ross. See below.
Doun 10s or

¼ davach

1492   Pont(4)


Referred to as ‘quarterium’ (quarterland) in 1492 & 1527-8. ‘Quarta parte de Doune’ in 1539.

A quarterland would normally be 1m in this area. See below.

Slomba 20s


½ davach




c. NG 8938 Pont(4)


20s in 1492, 1527-8 & 1539. Only 10s in RSS VIII (1484) 1583.

(By analogy with Achinche & Doun this might be a ½ davach).

RS38/5/238r 1683.

Strome Carronach 20s


½ davach




NG 8737 Pont(4)


20s in 1492, 1527-8, 1539 & 1583.

(By analogy with Achinche & Doun this might be a ½ davach).

RS38/5/238r 1683.

Mid Strome or

Stromemeanach, Strome Castle & Reraig


(¾ davach?)

1583 NG 8636

NG 8736

Thomson(1826) 30s for Midstroyme, Stromecastell & Rerog combined in RSS VIII (1484) 1583. See below under Stromecastell (Kishorn).

(By analogy with Achinche this might be a ¾ davach).

Strome Castle     NG 8635 Pont(4)


See above under Mid Strome & below under Stromecastell (Kishorn).
Reraig     NG 8336 Pont(4)


See above under Mid Strome and below under Sannachan (Kishorn).
Meikle Strome         See below under Sannachan (Kishorn).
Brecklach   1583-4     (½) Braklache & Achechull. To Kintail. Ex Kildun. See below.
Achechoull   1583-4     (½) Braklache & Achechull. To Kintail. Ex Kildun. See below.
Auchnell   1584     See below.
Tarrodall         See below.
Total 5 davachs       I am missing a value for Kirkton.
Kishorn       Pont(4)  
Achavanie 1 davach 1548 NG 8340 OS 6″ Sheet CX Achbane in RMS IV (204) 1548.  40s Achwanye in RSS VIII (1484) 1583. 1 davach Achvanie in Retours (Ross) (79) 1633. Achavanie in OS 6″ Ross-shire Sheet CX 1875.
Stromecastell 1 davach 1548 NG 8635   Defined as part of Kishorn in RMS IV (204) 1548. See below.
Ardnagald         See below under Stromecastell.
Ardaneaskan     NG 8335 Thomson(1826) See below under Stromecastell.
Blyat/Bleyat 10s

¼ davach?

1583     See below under Stromecastell. I have assumed this 10s was part (¼?) of the davach of Stromecastell. Blahatt in RMS V (2362) 1586. PNRC p 198.
Sannachan/Tannachtan ¼ davach 1548 NG 8340 Roy(FC) 10s (¾m) Safnachan in RSS VIII (1484) 1583. Part of a ¼ davach in 1633. See below under Sannachan.
Achintraid/Achantraid 1 davach




NG 8338/8438 Thomson(1826) Almost certainly = Auchnacreak 1 davach RMS IV (204) 1548.

1 davach Auchintrayd in RS37/3/228v 1626.

1 davach Auchnatrait in Retours (Ross) (79) 1633.

1 davach in RS37/7/113r 1651, RS37/7/113v 1651.

Rassal 20s


½ davach?

1583 NG 8442 Pont(4) Rassor in 1583 & Pont(4). See below under Sannachan.

I have not included Rassal or Russel in the totals for Kishorn because I think they more properly belong with Applecross (qv).

(By analogy with Achinche & Doun this might be a ½ davach).

Russel 10s

¼ davach?

1583 NG 8240   See Rassal above.

(By analogy with Achinche & Doun this might be a ¼ davach).

Kishorn total 3¼  davachs ? 1548     12m or 13m depending on whether or not we include Strome Castle (which was 1 quarterland of a davach of 4 quarterlands).
Grand Total 8¼ davachs       + Kirkton of Lochcarron.



RMS X (440) 1655 refers to the 2 davach lands of:

Strathesk, Coulin, Erracharrone, Rinochittane, Brecluich, Achnachoull, Attaidaill, Dallmartein, Dallcharlarie, Arronathbeg, Auchintie, Slomba, Doune, Stromecarroney. Although some of these can be recognised in the table above, this document has many corrupt forms so I am reluctant to rely on it. I also think the farms listed come to more than 2 davachs.



GD1/400/2/3 Section I, Protocol Book of Alexander MacLenan No 126 1672, refers to the davach of Attadale comprehending the quarterlands of (1) Craig, (2) Auldmuldoch, (3) Shanoure, (4) Inver & Culdrine. (See also Macgill No 200, 1701 where the last is Culdrein).



This appears late in the record and I wonder if it has been subdivided from another property. The first element of the place-name is from airigh (shieling) so, by definition, it was one of the less important settlements. In ER XXI p 529 1586 & XXII p 445 1590-1 it is half Arinachtage.



¾ of a davach should be 3m here not 30s (2¼m). However ALI No 122 1492 states ‘Achinche cum tribus quarteriis 30s’ (Achinche with three quarters 30s); RMS III (534) 1527-8 writes ‘cum tribus [quarteriis?] de Acheinche ad 30s’ while RSS II (2994) 1539 refers to three quarters of Acheinche at 30s. Strangely this exchange rate of 10s = 1 quarterland also applies to Doun, Slomba, Strome Carronach and possibly Mid Strome or Stromemeanach, Strome Castle & Reraig.



Book of Dunvegan I p 5 quotes a charter dated 1/2/1587 from James VI to Donald McAngus of Glengarry which refers to lands in Glenelg and also the town of Dincarrie, commonly called Kirktoun of Loch Carron, formerly held of the Bishop of Ross for 20s (but now increased to 26s 8d). Dincarrie might be Pincarrie in which case the first element would be for peighinn (penny). There are a good number of pennyland church endowments in the Highlands and Islands so this may once have been another. RMS V (2042) 1591-2 refers to Kirktoun of Lochcarron having formerly been part of the temporality of the Bishop of Ross and giving a return of 26s 8d (2m).



Watson (PNRC p 193) locates this dun (or broch) by Loch Kishorn. In support of this Laggidown (Lag an Duin) is the name of one of the farms in the rental (c. 1726) given in Highland Papers II pp 332-3. Against it we have the statement in Macfarlane’s Geographical Collections Vol. II, p 548, probably drawn from Pont’s notes, which locates Doun near Kirkton. The Pont and Gordon maps support the latter position.



Brecklach, Achachoull in Retours (Ross) (79) 1633. Brecluich, Achnachoull in RMS X (440) 1655. Bracklach in Macgill p 341 1679. Brachlach in Highland Papers II pp 330-3, Rental of Seaforth Estates c. 1726



Brecklach, Achachoull in Retours (Ross) (79) 1633. Brecluich, Achnachoull in RMS X (440) 1655.



I am not sure if Auchnell is a lost name or a corruption of another name (like Achechoull?). Retours (Ross) (12) 1584 gives ½ Auchnell. In ER XXI p 529 1586 & XXII p 445 1590-1 it is half Auchnule.



OPS II, II, 399 (under Lochcarron) refers to a Bruce charter re Tarrodall (Rob Index p 16 No 5). This is actually Tarradale by Kilchrist in Easter Ross. Confusingly, in RMS IV (203) 1548 Torredaill appears as the last of three properties in Lochcarron worth 2½m Old Extent. They were: Auchnaschallauch

(¼ davach), Dalmartyne (¼ davach) and Torredaill (½ davach). Plainly there is a mistake here because the three properties made up a davach which is normally 4m. As so often the mistake then repeats through other documents – e.g. RSS VI (1549) 1572. In Retours (Ross) (12) 1584 it is half Torrerdone – in Lochcarron. In Retours (Ross) (179) 1611 it is half Torredaill – in Lochcarron. In ER XXI p 529 1586 it is half Tarirdin and fisheries – in Lochcarron. In ER XXII p 445 1590-1 it is half Tarrirdin and fisheries – in Lochcarron. Some of the spellings, and the references to fisheries, give the game away. All these references are to Torridon and somehow it became muddled into Lochcarron in 1548 and stayed there in the documentary record, if not on the ground.





Retours (Ross) (79) 1633 gives Kishorn as 13m old extent and specifies 3¼ davachs. With the exception of Sannachan (which has some extra properties tagged on) this is essentially a repeat of the 13m which went from Cameron to Freuchie in RMS IV (204) 1548.



RMS IV (204) 1548 gives Stromecastell, Ardnagald, Ardnanaskene & Bleyat together as 1 davach. Retours (Ross) (79) 1633 gives Stromcastell, Ardnagald, Ardneskan & Blaad as 1 davach. I don’t think Stromecastell was itself regarded as part of Kishorn although the other 3 farms may have been. Its inclusion may be the reason why Kishorn is regarded as worth 13m in later documents. This may mean that Strome Castle was worth 1m or a quarter-davach.



Retours (Ross) (79) 1633 gives Sannachan, Rassoll, Meikle Strome & Rerag as ¼ davach. I don’t think this is correct because in RMS (204) 1548 Tannachtan (=Sannachan) is given alone as ¼ davach.


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