The ‘Quarters’ of Ross

The ‘Quarters’ of Ross

Sometimes farms appear in different quarters. I have pointed to these in the table.

ER VIII 1476-9 p 592 ff RMS IV (1618) 1565* Parish
Quarterium de Delne Quarterium de Delny  
North of Cromarty Firth    
Estirterbate Eistir Terbert Tarbat
Alane Mekle Mekle Allane Fearn
Calrosse Calrosy Logie Easter
Drummethat Drummediat Logie Easter
Glastollich Glastully Logie Easter
Drumgelye Drumgyllye Logie Easter
Meklemethat Madeat-Mekle Logie Easter
Myltoun de Methat Myltoun de Mekle Madeat Kilmuir Easter
Estir Polga Estir Pollo Kilmuir Easter
Westirpolga Weistir Pollo Kilmuir Easter
  Baddebay Kilmuir Easter
Le Royis Ruffis Kilmuir Easter
  Knoknapark Kilmuir Easter
Balandrade Ballentraid Kilmuir Easter
Delne Delny Kilmuir Easter
Petfure Inchefure Kilmuir Easter
Feauchlath Fachlachie Rosskeen
Ardunagage Ardnagaage Kilmuir Easter
Kalruquhy Calreche Kilmuir Easter
Kynnakrege Kincraig Rosskeen
Newenmekle   Rosskeen
Culkenye Culkenze Rosskeen
Culyeoth Mekle Cullychmoir Rosskeen
Culyeoth Manach Cullychmanich Rosskeen
  Tolle Rosskeen
Auchnacloych Auchnacleich Rosskeen
et Brekoquhy Brakhauch Rosskeen
Quarterium de Balkeny Quarterium de Balcony  
West of Alness    
2 Culmelathquhyis Mylntoun de Kilmaloquhy

Ovir Culmaloquhy

Culcragy Culcragy Alness
Fyrehisch Feris Alness
Culcarne Culcarne Alness
Sweredull Swerdaill Kiltearn
Balconee Balcony Kiltearn
Scraiskeith See under Kynnardy Lemlair
(Quarterium de Kynnardy) Quarterium de Kynnardy  
Strathpeffer & N. side of River Conon    
Mains of Kynnardy Terras dominicales de K.** Dingwall
  4 Glakkis Dingwall
  Tulloch Dingwall
  Ballyfreische Dingwall
See under Balcony Strathskeich Lemlair
Westir Drynee Westir Dryne Dingwall
Dalfcarne Dawachcarne Fodderty
Dalfpoldach Dalpollo Fodderty
See under Farnewar Kincell Urquhart
  Calboky Urquhart/Logie Wester
  Petlundy Kilmuir Wester
Dalfmalawage Dalmalook Fodderty
Inchmanny Inchevane Fodderty
Ouchtirnede Ochterneid Fodderty
Auchinaglerauch Achnacleroch Contin
Ardovale Ardvale Kinnettes
Le Moye Maymoir Urray
See under Farnewar Mid-Farbryn Urray
See under Farnewar Kirk-Farbryn Urray
See under Farnewar Auchinsowll Urray
See under Farnewar Ballebraid Urray
Kynnaharde Kynhard Contin
Auchquhilye Westir & Eistir Achillie Contin
Cumre See under Kynnellane Contin
Scatholemekle Mekle Scattoll Contin
Le Parke Park Kinnettes
Ulladull Ulladale Kinnettes
Browen Branmoir Urray
Dunglust Dungluster Tollie?(Fodderty)
Quarterium de Fyrnenewer

et Kessokis

Quarterium de Farnewar  
South of River Conon    
  Westir Farneburne Urray
2 Ferburnys See under Kynnardy Urray
Ferburne Egglis See under Kynnardy Urray
Auchansawle See under Kynnardy Urray
Arcoyn Arcone Urray
Belbrade See under Kynnardy Urray
Urra Urra Urray
Kynculladrum Kilquhillardrum Urray
Le Orde Ord Urray
Belblare Baublair Kilchrist
Balnagoun Balnagoune Kilchrist
Balnaknok Balmaknok alias Haltoun de Tarraidale Kilchrist
Tarredill Terradale Kilchrist
Kynkell See under Kynnardy Urquhart
Logyenreith Lograith Logie Wester
2 Kessokis   Kilmuir Wester
Quarterium de Kynnellane Quarterium de Kynnellane alias lie Bray de Ros***  
Kynnellane Kynnellane Kinnettes
Le Cowle Coule Contin
Rewgy cum le Ess Rowie Fodderty
Litill Scathole cum le Ess Litill Scattoll Contin
See under Kynnardy Cumry Contin
Foreste de Rannach Forestam de Rannoch alias Strathrannoch Fodderty
  Terras de Moyner alias Ned (See below).
Meyn in Straquhonane   Contin
2 Eskatellis   Contin
Innermany   Contin
Innerquhonray   Contin
Kenlochbenquherane   Contin


I have omitted crofts, ale-houses, ferries etc.


*RMS IV (1618) 1565 – the quarters are not listed in the same order as the leftmost column, nor are the properties within each quarter. Some of the properties are now in a different quarter so this was not just copied from the Exchequer Rolls.


** i.e. Mains of K(ynnardy)


*** Quarterium de Kynnellane alias lie Bray de Ros i.e. the Quarter of Kynnellane also known as the Brae (upper ground) of Ross. We meet Coul in the barony of Braeross in GD1/1149/25 1600 and the mill-lands of Coul in the barony of Braeross in GD1/1149/4 1610. There is another reference to ‘Bray-Ros’ in RMS VIII (602) 1624 on an original of 1600. Andrew Monro of Newmoir was the principal ‘mair’ of the earldom of Ross and he had sold to Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail the office of mair within the barony of ‘Bray-Ros’ on the west side of the hill called Knokreavach. (See also RS36/2/176r 1607). There is a Cnoc Ravoch in NH 5561. On the south-west side of this hill is Allt na Laitch. This burn is the boundary between Lemlair parish (now part of Kiltearn) to the north-east and Dingwall parish to the south-west. In terms of quarters it may have been the southern boundary of the quarter of Balconie (Alness & Kiltearn). However it is more difficult to be sure of the boundaries of the quarters of Kynnardy and Kynnellane. (See Map of Quarters for rough guide).


Terras de Moyner alias Ned. These may be the grounds referred to in RMS III (2817) 1542. (Moyner is probably (Loch) Monar).


Watson, PNRC p xxv discusses these 5 quarters. He claims:

1) Delny is from Tarbat Ness to the Alness River.

2) Balcony is the same as Ferindonald.

3) Kynnardy included the valley of the Peffery and the parts south and west of it.


He also refers to the quarter of Petkenney in 1281 (also p 87 fn 2) and the “maresium [mairdom] of Fernewyr” in 1350. As discussed under Fearn parish I don’t think Petkenney was a ‘quarter’ – rather a quarter-davach.I also think ‘maresium’ (bog, marsh) sometimes creeps in for ‘maragium’ (mairdom).


There remain questions though. It may be that we should define a ‘quarter’ as a geographical district (or fiscal unit) and that the properties listed above are merely being given as within one of these districts. In other words there might be lots of other, unlisted, properties that are also within these quarters.


Although the term ‘quarter’ falls from use in Ross it may well be that the components of these quarters lived on under other names. It is possible that quarters just became baronies and/or mairdoms. This is beyond the scope of a study of land-assessment so I will just leave these questions open. A close analysis of mairs, mairdoms, quarters, baronies and district names like Ferintosh, Ferindonald and Fernewyr might reveal a great deal of common ground. There will also have been differences over time and space.


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