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The Small Isles: Canna, Rum, Eigg, Muck


Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Canna & Sanday (50d/15m)       = 2½ ouncelands
A’Chill/Kirktoun/Keil 12d 1798 NG 2605 Bald(1805) 16d(1748 & AVR 1751) when it probably included Upper Island?

Keill(1718, 1805), Kirktoun(1748), Kilchannich(1751), Keil(1798).

Upper Island 4d 1798   Bald(1805) Upper Island = West Sanday (Bald map & JL Campbell p 135)
An Coroghon 7d 1798 NG 2705 Bald(1805) 16d with Elangannich (AVR 1751), (Elangannich=Sanday)
Sanday 9d 1798   Bald(1805) Dispute whether 8d or 9d
Tarbert 15d 1745 NG 2305 Bald(1805) Fraser-Mackintosh, Antiquarian Notes (1913) p 17, Bond of 1745.

18d(1751, 1781, 1798) probably including Garrisdale

Garrisdale 3d 1745 NG 2104 Bald(1805) Fraser-Mackintosh, Antiquarian Notes (1913) p 17, Bond of 1745.
Rum 6m 1528     Consistently 6m (OE). = 1 ounceland.
Kilmory 4m (OE) 1542 NG 3603   Consistently 4m. Killemore(1542, 1630), Killiemoir(1617), Killiemorie(1630, 1632).
Harris 2m (OE) 1542 NM 3395   Consistently 2m
An Leth-pheighinn (½d)   NG 3600   The Gaelic name literally means ‘The Half-penny’.
Eigg (100d)       = 5 ouncelands
Galmisdale 10d 1498 NM 4783 Leslie(1824)  









NM 4485

NM 4584/4684

Leslie(1824) Grulin consisted of 2 parts in 1498: Etrach (=Lower?) and Neyvaidlean – each worth 10d, so making an ounceland in total.

RS38/3/294v 1668.

Sanda 10d 1498 NM 4784 Leslie(1824) Sanda consisted of 2 parts in 1498: ‘more’ and ‘veg’ – each worth 5d. Leslie’s map shows Sandaveg NE of Sandamore.
Laig 9d 1498 NM 4687 Leslie(1824)  
Cleadale 12d 1498 NM 4788 Leslie(1824)  
Ballemeanach 8d 1498     This name is now lost. See below.
Houlin 5d 1498 NM 4789 Leslie(1824)  
Knokelturk 6d 1498 c. NM 475890 Leslie(1824) = Cnoc Iltaig. Cnoc na Eildrige in OS(1875) 6”.
Kildonnan (20d)/6m 1498 NM 4985 Leslie(1824) Kildonnan is never stated as 20d but at 6m it was equivalent.
Cuig Peighinnean (5d)   NM 4789 Leslie(1824) The Gaelic name literally means ‘Five pennies’.
Muck 6m 1618     = 1 ounceland.
Kile   1751 NM 4279   Argyll Valuation Roll 1751 p 73.
Balimenoch   1751     Argyll Valuation Roll 1751 p 73.
Gallanach   1751 NM 4080 Langlands(1801) Baillie in Galdanach (AS II (418) 1632). Argyll Valuation Roll 1751 p 73.
Total Small Isles 9½ ozs       or 9½ davachs



After the neat settlement of 1498 the situation in the north of Eigg becomes confused. The farm of Ballemeanach disappears although we have references in TD 85/63 Bundle 29 of 1805 and Fraser-Mackintosh, Excerpta … Vol II No 173 of 1823 which suggest that half of it was absorbed into Kildonnan. The same Fraser-Mackintosh extract refers to ’11d Knockeltiag & Cleadhill … ½ the lands of Knockaltack now called the 5 Pennies’. Certainly the settlement of Cuig Peighinnean (Five Pennies at NM 4789) did not exist under that name in 1498 but I do not know exactly how and when Ballemeanach disappeared, Knokelturk was transformed and Five Pennies emerged. However we do know the last existed by 1764-5 because it is referred to in Neill McNeill’s Census.


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