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North Mull


Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Treshnish NM 3548 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 12783

4d(1390), 5½d(1509), 7d(1510), 5d(1541), 6d(1674), 8d(1751).(Perhaps originally included farms later listed in Learballeneill)? Trese-nes(Blaeu).
Crackaig 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 351459 Cragag(1509), 1¼m Cragart(1541). Ex Oronsay Priory.
Haunn 2½m(2d) 1509 NM 3447 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Hawhonne with Glespenny as 2½m in 1509. 1¼m (=1d) in 1541. Nahawin or Nahawn(1541), Na Hauen(Blaeu). (NB Definite article).
Glasphein? ⅝m(½d) 1541 Glespenny(1509), Glasfane(1541), = Glas + pheighinn. I would expect from the 1509 data that Haunn and Glaspenny would be 1d each but Glasfane was only the equivalent of ½d in 1541.
Eilean Sgomair 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 3448 Skowmyre(1509), Skonnet(1541).Eilean an Sgonnair in OS(1877).
Kilmaluig 1⅞m(1½d) 1509 NM 355488 Blaeu 1⅞m(1541)
Cairnburgh Several references to Cairnburgh & its castles but no valuation. Reference to Floda & Lunga in RMS II (2264) – original dated 1390.
Flad 12s 6d or15/16m


1509 NM 2943 This looks to be Fladda in Treshnish Isles but ‘Plada’ is also listed with Gometra in 1509. (Gometra & Cairnburgh are linked in RMS IX (828) of 1638). With Calgary in 1674.
Total Treshnish 7 & 13/16mor 6¼d * 1509 * including Flad
Mornish 12⅜m 1509 Blaeu ‘duas unciatas’ (RMS I AppI No 114 c. 1343) – but this may have included several districts. (Perhaps originally included farms later listed in Learballeneill)? 1509 (ER XIII) list of Mornish includes Treshnish. 18½d (RMS II (3440) 1510) – including 7d Treshnish.
Calgary 15s/1⅛m1d 15091390 NM 3751 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 12783

Callogary(1496). 1½d(1510), 2d Calgorie & Fladd in 1674. 15s a mistake for 25s? Latter would match 1½d of 1510 but not 1d of 1390. 5¾d with Frackadil, Lagg & Callioch(1751).
Frachadil 1¼m1½d 15091510 NM 3851 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 12783

Frakadill(1509), Fregittill(1510).1¼m would suggest 1d but in 1510 & 1674 Frachadil is 1½d.

5¾d with Calgary, Lagg & Callioch(1751).

Inivea 1¼m1d 15091390 NM 368517 Blaeu Aeneangboge(1390), Enynvay(1496), Ynigway(1510), Inewey(1539-40). 1d(1510, 1739, 1751). Argyll Vol 3 No 369.
Areyne 1⅞m2d 15091510 NM 3551? BlaeuLanglands(1801) = Rubha na Oirean? ‘Part of Galgrey [Calgary] called Arrien’ in RMS VII (1514) of 1616, VIII (1183) of 1628 & Retours (Argyll) 76 of 1664. Ayrienach(1509), 1½d Arreyne(1674), 1¼d Arine(1751, 1780). OPS II, I p 320 reads 1510 figure as 1d. Maclean pp 18-19.
Caliach 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 3553 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Calzoch(1496), Pentalich(1509), Challich(1510)1d(1674). 5¾d with Calgary, Frackadil & Lagg(1751).
Lag 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 3653 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Lag(1496), Penlag(1509) – ie peighinn + lag, Laigh(1510).Laggan? in Blaeu. 5¾d with Calgary, Frackadil & Callioch(1751).
Sunipol 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 3753 Langlands(1801) Soneboll(1496), Sonyboll(1509), Suneboll(1510).1d(1674, 1751).
Cillchriosd 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 3753 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Gillochrist(1509), Gilcriste(1510), Kilchreist(1674)1d(1674, 1751).
Bruach nasean-pheighinne (1d) NM 3652
Penmore 1⅞m1½d 15091674 NM 4052 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Peynmore, Arderenis(1496), ½d Pennymore & Adirenis(1510), 1½d Peinmore & Aird(1674). 1½d matches 1⅞m. 1½d(1751).
Aird NM 3954 Langlands(1801) Arderenis(1496), west of Penmore in Langlands.
Thorssay 1d 1510 RMS II (3440). Probably = Torrasa in Quinish?
Total Mornish 12⅜m/10d? Excluding 1d Areyne & 1d Thorssay. 10d = 12½m if 1d=1¼m.
Quinish £12/18m 1509   Blaeu 18m(1528, 1542, 1558, 1617, 1630, 1642, 1651), 20m(1626), 14d(1751). See below.
Cuin 18s1d 15281751 NM 4252 Langlands(1801) Towoung(1528), Cowng(1617), Corun(1751), Cuin(1801).
Auchaquhare 18s1d 15281751 c. NM 4155? Langlands(1801) Achar(1751), Auchecher(1801).1¼m Achnaquhair(1620). = Ach’ nan Carragh?
Ardbeg ½d 1620 NM 4252
Kirkland orKilbeg + Kilvoir 18s½d + ½d 15281620 NM 436517 18s Kirkland in 1528, 1542 & 1617. ½d each Kilbeg & Kilvoir in AS II (83) of 1620 – also in AVR(1751).
Aintuim 18s1d 15281751 NM 4351 Awintyma(1528), Achintuim(1751)10s Abutune in AS II (83) of 1620
Achnasaul 27s1½d 15281620 NM 4449 27s(1542, 1617); 1½d (1751)
Druimnacroish 18s(1d) 1528  NM 4449 18s(1542, 1617); ¾d(1620, 1751)
Achnadrish 18s1d 15281620 NM 4551 18s(1542, 1617, 1630, 1642, 1651); 1d(1751).
Airigh nan Gamhna 18s1d 15281620 NM 4254 Areganachane(1528, 1542)18s(1542, 1617, 1630, 1642, 1651); 1d(1751).
Torrasa 18s1d 15281620 NM 4650 18s(1542, 1617, 1630, 1642, 1651); 1d(1751).Probably = Thorssay listed above under Mornish.
Dervaig 9s½d 15281751 NM 4351 Dirrevaige(1528)9s(1542, 1617, 1630, 1642, 1651)
Penmolloch 36s(2d) 1528 NM 415543 Two parts (N&S) in 1528, 1542 & 1617 each worth 18s. North became Moir & South became Beg in 1542 & 1617. In 1620 More was 23s4d (1¾m) including Cullemisken, Beg was 1d. In 1751 Beg was ½d, More was 1d. Notionally 1d each 1528-1617.
Beach 8s½d 15421620 Veyach(1542, 1617), Weyacha(1620), Beich(1751).8s(1617, 1630, 1642, 1651), ½d(1751).
Mingary 36s(2d) 1528  NM 4155/4156 Blaeu 36s(1542, 1617), 36s 8d Dounggarie in AS II (83) of 1620.Megare(1528), Meari(Blaeu). 2¼d(1751)
Total Quinish 15d Originally 16d or 20m?
Mishnish £13-6-8or 20m 1509 20m(1509, 1542, 1557, 1718). At 1d:1¼m this would be equivalent to 16d. In 1751 John Mackinnon had 15¾d
Baliacrach 4d 1751 NM 4355 See below.
Sorne 2½d 1718 NM 4456 Two Sornes in 1668 & 1718. 2½d Sorn(1751).
Lephin (½d) NM 447572 OS(1877) Lepennie(1668). Leaphein & Knockarrach(1718),1½d Lephen & Knockcarroch(1751).
Knockcarroch (1d)? With Lephen as 1½d in 1751.
Na Tonan NM 4557 =Ditonan?
Achanna nan Taobhan (¾d)? NM 4658 Achaniteven(1668)
Meall Reamhar na Pighinne (1d)? NM 468573
Penalbanach (1d) NM 4657 In 1718 Peinalbanach, Achinativan & Ditonan were together. In 1751 Penalbanach & Achanalevan were 1¾d – (including Ditonan?).
Ardmore 2d 1751 NM 4758 Blaeu Ardmore & Corrichurknich(1718).
Coriquhilken In AS II (1434) of 1668. = Corrichurknich?
Rairaig NM 4956 Reraig in AS II (1434) of 1668. See under Tobermory.
Erray NM 5056 =Nerr in AS II (1434) of 1668? See under Tobermory.
Tobermory 4d 1718 NM 5055 Tabermor in AS II (1434) of 1668. 4d with Erine, Girgiscaig & Reirag in 1718. 4d with Eray, Girkiskay & Reraig in 1751.
Gurasgag In AS II (1434) of 1668. = Girgiscaig of 1718? See under Tobermory.
Total Mishnish 20m or 15¾d 15091751 Originally 16d or 20m?
Aros 20m30m 15091541 Blaeu £13-6-8 or 20m in ER XIII pp 214-15 of 1509. 30m in ER XVII pp 621-2 & 642-3 of 1541. (This includes Aros proper & Ungistaffard). 30m in NRAS 2950/1/42 of 1623.
Baliscate 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 5054 Blaeu 1¼m(1509, 1541). Belonged to chapel of Virgin Mary. 1½d with half of Lochnamial in 1751.
Lochnameal 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 5152 Blaeu 1¼m(1509, 1541). Belonged to chapel of Virgin Mary. Half with Balliscat and half with Ardnacross in 1751.
Calve Island NM 5254 Blaeu With Ardnacross, Drumfin and half Lochnamial in 1751.
(Upper) Drumfin 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 5253 Blaeu 1¼m(1509, 1541). Drumfynnoch(1509), Drumfyne(1541).
Ardnacross 2½m(2d) 1509 NM 5449 Blaeu Ardingross(1509), 2½m Ardnegros(1541). 3½d Ardnacross, Drumfin, half Lochnamial and Isle of Calve in 1751.
Arle 1⅞m(1½d) 1509 NM 5448 Blaeu 25s Aller(1509), Ardlaw(1541), Airle(Blaeu). 2d Arlive & Strone in 1674. 3d Arle with Kentailen in 1751.
Kentallen 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 5547 Blaeu 1¼m Cantalane in 1509 but 25s Kintallan in 1541. Latter probably includes Derrinnymuk. Arle, Kentallen & Derrinnymuk would then make 3¾m which would match the 3d valuation of 1751. 1½d(1674).
Derrinnymuk ⅝m(½d) 1509 Part of Kentallen in 1541?
Aros 1¼m1d 15091674 NM 5545/5645 Blaeu 1d Arrosmoir(1674), 2d with Cranoch in 1751.N. side of river?
Cill an Ailein 1¼m1d 15091674 NM 545455 Blaeu 1¼m Kilyeanealane(1509), Killanalyane(1541).Killenaillan(Blaeu). 1d Kilnaleyn(1674).
Laidbeg ⅝m(½d) 1509 Blaeu With Letterbeg as 1¼m in 1541.
Ledmore 1¼m1d 15091674 NM 5146 BlaeuRHP 40989 1d(1751)
Lettirbeg ⅝m(½d) 15091674 With Laidbeg as 1¼m in 1541.1½d Lettermoir & Letterbeg in 1674.
Lettermore 1¼m(1d) 15091674 NM 4948 3d Lettirmore, Lettirbeg & Strone in 1751 – so presumably by then including another property.
Sron na Beinne Creagaich = Strone? ⅝m(½d) 1509 NM 4751 Blaeu ‘to the officiar for his fee'(1541). ER XVII makes it clear there was a Strone in Aros & another in Ungistaffard.
Tenga 2½m(2d) 1509 NM 5145 Blaeu?RHP 40989 2½d Teanga(1674), 2d Tengie(1751)=Teng(Blaeu) – slightly misplaced?
Culo Marr/Cullemarr ⅝m(½d) 1509 ⅝m(1541)
Total Aros proper 20m / 16d 16d at 1d:1¼m = 20m
Ungistaffard 11¼m(9d) 1509 Ungistaffard (or the ounceland of Loch Staffort) is a marginal heading on ER XIII p 215. These properties start on the south side of R. Aros and loop round clockwise before running along north shore of Loch Staffort (now Loch na Keall).
Crannich 1¼m1d 15091674 NM 5145 BlaeuRHP 3273

RHP 40989

1¼m Cranne(1541), 1d(1674). 2d with Aros in 1751.RMS VIII (547) 1623 says ex Iona nunnery.
Auchblarnagarnan   1509 Blaeu With Derriveldri as 1¼m in 1509. Blaeu marks Blair & Charnen as 2 neighbouring settlements on S side of Aros River. Blarcarnan(1672), Blaercharnane(1674), Blarcharnan(1751).
Derriveldri 1¼m(1d) 1509 Blaeu? Derriveldri with Auchblarnagarnan as 1¼m in 1509. Darreviltir in 1541 at 1¼m presumably included Auchblarnagarnan=Tyruyldir(Blaeu)?
Auchtischenna 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 5544 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 1¼m Auchetyschannok(1541), Achatesennag(Blaeu), Achtashennag(1679), Achadashennag(1751). 2d Auchatashenag & Keelchronan(1674). Maclean p 15. See below.
Killiechronan 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 5241/5341 Blaeu Kellequhronan(1509), 1¼m Kilcronan(1541), 3d with Kellan and Keilphubil in 1751. RMS VIII (547) 1623 says Ballicronane is ex Iona nunnery.
Killiephubil 1¼m1d 15091561 NM 531417 BlaeuRHP 3273 Killisouble(1509), 1¼m Kilfowbill(1541), 1d Kilphubbill(1561), 1d Kilphobull(1587-8), 1d Kirkefubill(1672), 1d Kilphubili(1674), Killiephubil(1826). Grid Ref from Maclean p 29. See below.
Kellan 1¼m1d 15091561 NM 5240 BlaeuRHP 3273

RHP 40989

1¼m Nycaldlach(1509), 1d(1587-8, 1672), ex Iona. NB definite article in Gaelic & English – 1d the Kealline(1561). Killin(1587-8), 1d Keallin(1674), Kellan(1826). Cf similar place-name, Grimsay, North Uist. RMS VIII (547) 1623 says ex Iona nunnery.
Allt na Feorlain (¼d) NM 5141 RHP 40989 ‘Lands of Feorlin’ in RHP 40989 of 1852.
Killiemor 1¼m1d 15091587-8 NM 4839 BlaeuRHP 3273

RHP 40989

Cailyemor(1509), Kilyemoir(1541), Calyemoir(1587-8), ex Iona – but ER XVII p 643 says chapel of Our Lady.1d(1672, 1674, 1751).
Acharn ⅝m½d 15091751 c. NM 4739 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3273

Auchyharne(1509), Auchecarne(1541), Achacharn(Blaeu), Acharn(1826). 
Strone (⅝m)(½d) 1509 Strone is 8s 8d in 1509 which is a mistake for 8s 4d or ⅝m.Sroyn, Uiscadill & Auchecarne are together 1¼m in 1541.
Uiscadill/Wiscadill   1541 Uiscadill/Wiscadill is with either Strone or Acharn in 1509. In 1541 Sroyn, Uiscadill & Auchecarne are together 1¼m.
Acharonich 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 4639 BlaeuRHP 3273 Auchrannich(1509), Aucheranych(1541), ¾d Acharannich(1751)
Total Ungistaffard 11¼m (9d)
Total Aros & Ungistaffard 31¼m25d The reason why the enlarged Aros is only given as 30m is that it does not seem to have included Kellan which is not included in the 1541 rental. With Kellan, = 31¼m/25d, without, = 30m/24d.
Learballeneill £20 (30m)At 1d:1¼m this = 24d. Given to Maclean in 1488 (ER XIII p 216 & Munro, ALI p 193). Lands listed in two sections on pp 215-216 of ER XIII (1509) – labelled Larevalenele and Larbalmele. (Total comes to £23 2s 6d or 34m 9s 2d). ER XVII pp 622 & 643 of 1541 says £20. Lands given without values in RMS III (2835) of 1542. RMS II (3440) of 1510 lists 21½d (assuming oblatas = ½d each – which they seem to have been except Dun Aisgain & Reudle).
Deucharan 1⅞m1½d 15091510 Blaeu Douchrain(1509), Doischoring(1510), Duchoren(1542), Dow Korren(Blaeu), Docharrie(1672), 1½d Deucharran(1674), Duchorive a pendicle of Arrivolchoan(1789).
Arrivolchoan 1⅞m1½d 15091510 c. NM 4348/4349 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Aremulquhene(1509), Aremelkeyne(1510), Aremolkeyne(1542), Arevolchenie(1672), 1½d(1674, 1751). Grid Ref after Langlands.
Drumghigha 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 4052/4152 Blaeu?Langlands(1801) 1d Drumgrane(1510), 1d Drumghia(1751)
Crossapol 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 3852 Langlands(1801) Chorsboill(1510), Crossiboill(1642).
Cnoc Odhar ⅝m½d 15091510 NM 3952 Knokowre(1509)
Ensay 2½m2d 15091510 NM 3648 Langlands(1801)?RHP 12783 Evinsay(1509)2m(1657), 1½d(1751)
Glac Gugairidh 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 3546 BlaeuOS(1878) Clakcowgarie(1509), Glaikewgarye(1542), Glack Ugarie(1672), Glac na dubh-airidhe(1878).
Ard (Dun) Aisgain ⅝m(½d) 15091510 NM 3745 Given as 1½d in 1510 which does not match ⅝m of 1509.I suspect it is actually only ½d. See below.
Reudle 1¼m(1d) 15091510 NM 3646 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 12783

1d Reidle(1751). Given as 1½d in 1510 which does not match 1¼m of 1509. I think it was 1d. See below.
Torloisk 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 4045/4146 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 3d Torloisk & Kilninian(1751)
Nohowne ⅝m½d 15091510 Na + uamh? or to do with Torr an Ogha? (NM 4044)
Fanmore 2½m2d 15091510 NM 4144 Langlands(1801) 2d de binis Fanemore(of the two Fanemores) in 1510.1d each of two Fanemores in 1751. 1d held by the harper in 1674.
ArdnalighArd nan Laoigh? ⅝m½d 15091510 Ardnanloye(1509), Ardnaligh(1751)With Kilmichell as 1½d in 1751.
Kilmichell 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 458393? With Ardnaligh as 1½d in 1751. Grid Ref from Maclean but I am uncertain of this. Maclean p 29 & note 120.
Kilbrennan 1¼m1d 15091485 NM 4342 Langlands(1801) Munro ALI p 187 No 119, ex Iona.1d(1561, 1587-8, 1617, 1672, 1751).
Lagganulva 5m(4d) 1509 NM 4541 Langlands(1801) 5m Laggane & Glenbelwort(1509), 5m Lagganulva(1751).Linked to Ulva q.v. See also below.
Glen Bellart NM 4350 With Laggan above.
Drissak ¾d 1630 ¾d Drysseig(1683).Part of 4d Lagganulva?
Cuill-Vulline ¾d 1630 Kowlmwllyn(1630), ¾d(1683). Part of 4d Lagganulva?
Pennimianich ½d 1630 Pemnisauych(1630), ½d(1683). Part of 4d Lagganulva?=Peighinn meanach or middle pennyland?
Rowaik 1d 1630 1d Rowaig(1683). Part of 4d Lagganulva?
Gleann Mhic Caraidh 1d 1630 NM 4744 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Glenmakquhoyrie(1630), 1d Glen M’Quorie(1683).Part of 4d Lagganulva? South side of Glen Bellart.
Corkamull 1⅞m1½d 15091510 NM 4540 Langlands(1801)RHP 3273 Corkcomyr(1509), Corchamore(1510), 1d(1751)
Oskamull 1⅞m1d 15091510 NM 4540 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3273

Ostole(1509), Oskemore(1510), Oscwmwll(1542), 1d(1751)Merklands in 1509 would suggest 1½d.
Burg 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 3845 Langlands(1801)RHP 12783 Bowriche(1510), Burgmore & Burgbeg in 1542 & 1642.1½d(1751).
Tonodill ⅝m1d 15091510 Tonodill(1509), Thynniddale(1510), Tunadill(1542), Tunydill(1642). Merklands would suggest ½d.
Beathaich ⅝m½d 15091390 NM 3750 RHP 12783 Bedich(1390), Beith(1509), Baighe(1510), Beach(1837).½d(1510)
Tostarie 1¼m1d 15091751 NM 3845/3945 BlaeuLanglands(1801) The two Tosdaries(1642)
Langamull 1⅞m(1½d) 1509 NM 3853 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Langalow(1509), Langavill(1542)With Crossapoll & Kildavie as 3¼d in 1751.
Cill da Bhidhe 1¼m(1d)


1509 NM 392532 BlaeuLanglands(1801)


Maclean p 22 &   note 10 pp 145-6.Blaeu marks Kildauie with a church-symbol.
Keangharair 1¼m1d 15091587-8 NM 4348 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Kangardavie(1509), Cengarwgerrie(1561), Kingargera(1587-8), Kingarbh(1877). Ex Iona. ½d(1561), 1d(1617, 1672). ¾d(1751).
Cille-a-mhoraire 12s 6d or15/16m




NM 4547 Langlands(1801) Killemoir(1509), Kilmorie(1561, 1587-8, 1617, 1672), ex Iona.¾d (1587-8, 1617, 1672), 1d(1561), 1¼d(1751). No Cille in OS 6″ 1st Series Sheet LXVIII(1878).
Kilninian 1⅞m1d 15091561 NM 397457 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Merkland assessment of 1509 would suggest a pennyland value of 1½d. 1d(1587-8, 1617, 1672). Ex Iona.
Total Learballeneill 39m 9s 2d31¼d 31¼d should be 39m 10d.32d would be 40m.
Total Treshnish 7 & 13/16mor 6¼d * Originally 8d or 10m?.
Total Mornish 12⅜m/10d? Originally 10d or 12½m?
Total Quinish 15d Originally 16d or 20m?
Total Mishnish 20m or 15¾d 15091751 Originally 16d or 20m?
Total Aros 20m or 16d Originally 16d or 20m.
Total Ungistaffard 11¼m (9d) Originally 10d or 12½m?
Total Learballeneal 39m 9s 2d31¼d Originally 32d or 40m?
Total North Mull 135m108d



Although Quinish is stated to be 18m in several documents the lands actually listed sometimes come to more than this. RMS III (712) of 1528 comes to 18m 12s while RMS III (2787) of 1542 & VII (1652) of 1617 come to £13 or 19½m.

The exchange ratio in Quinish is unique. 1d = 18s (1m 4s 8d) – for which I can see no rhyme or reason. At 1d=18 shillings the total value of £12 12s would be equivalent to 14d. However in AS II (83) of 1620 the extent of a pennyland is given as equivalent to 1¼m and the value of Achnaquhair is given as 16s 8d not 18s. I cannot explain this anomaly. Perhaps they took the known merkland value and divided it by the number of pennylands they thought they had – which was less than formerly because some had dropped out of the reckoning. If the original value of Quinish was 20m, as seems likely, then the expected pennyland equivalent would be 16d at 1d:1¼m.




Ballacrach or Ballicrach(1668) – there is also a Ballimeanach (NM 4455) in 1668. 4d Balleackarach, Baluachkarach & Ballameanach in 1718. This sounds like 4d of the Lower township, Upper township and Mid township. By 1751 it was just 4d of Ballichtrich.




3¾d Achadashennaig, Blarcharnan, Brainashich, Killinalen, Leidbeg & Mill Acre in 1751.



Ex Iona – but ER XVII p 643 says chapel of Our Lady. RMS VIII (547) 1623 says ex Iona nunnery. RHP 3273 appears to mark this in the farm of West Killiechronan, near the border with East Killechronan.



Ard (Dun) Aisgain & Reudle

Each of these offers a mismatch between their merkland assessments of 1509 and their pennyland values of 1510. Normally it is not advisable to explain away such discrepancies by assigning it to scribal error but I wonder about the ambiguities contained in the Latin ‘oblatum’. Literally this means ‘offering’ or something of small value. It usually means half-pennyland. But it can also mean farthing-land (as in Ross) and I wonder if what is meant here is that Ard Aisgain & Reudle were each worth 3 farthings – ie a total of 6 farthings or 1½d which would match their combined merkland total).



5m Laganwalsagary (4 den. nuncupatis – ie 5m called 4 pennylands) in RMS IV (801) of 1553.


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