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The entries in the 1674 rental are sometimes not complete.

Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Ross £20 1509 £20 in 1509(ER XIII p 214) & 1561(CRA p 1), 1635(AS II (550)), 1637(HP I p 321)
Shiaba 4d 1587-8 NM 4319 Blaeu Schabbay(1587-8), 4d Sheba(1672), 1½d(1674)
Scoor 1½d 1587-8 NM 4119 1½d(1672), ½d(1674), 1d(1751)
Kilvickeon 4d 1587-8 NM 412196 Blaeu 4d Kilmakewan(1672), 2d Kilvickewn(1674), 2d Kilvickeun(1751)
Saorphin 2d 1587-8 NM 3920 2d Seirpene(1587-8), 2d(1672), 1d(1674, 1751)
Edderaloch ¼d 1587-8 ‘obolatam'(1587-8), ¼d Eddercalloch(1672)
Uisken 1d 1587-8 NM 3819 Blaeu 1d Tosken(1672), ½d(1674)
Ardchiavaig ½d 1587-8 NM 3818 Blaeu ½d – not ‘obolatam’ – (& in 1672, 1674), 1d(1751). Sasine at Ardcanaig in 1587-8 would do for all Ross which implies this was a locally important farm.
Larakhin 1d 1587-8 1d Tarraklen(1672)
Ardachy 1d 1587-8 NM 3719 1d Ardachow(1672), ½d Ardachie(1674), ½d Ardachy(1751)
Lewone ¼d 1587-8 Blaeu? ‘obolatam'(1587-8), ¼d Lewnow(1672), =Logan(Blaeu)?
Knocknafenaig 1d 1587-8 NM 3619 Blaeu 1d(1672), with Knockvolagan as 3d in 1751.
Knoktaytarlach 1d 1587-8 Blaeu? Krachantuy(Blaeu)?, 1d Knocktaigtarloch(1672), Knockintuy(1679), 2d with Knocktellegan in 1674.
Traysane 2d 1587-8 c. NM 3718 1d(1672)
Ardalanish 2d 1587-8 NM 3719 Blaeu Ardwalleneis, 2d Ardalleness(1672), 1½d(1674), 2d(1751).Lower Ardalanish is in NM 3617 in OS(1878)
Bearnas 1d 1587-8 NM 3518 1d(1672)
Tir FhearagainTir-Arragan 2d 1587-8 NM 3318NM 332193 BlaeuOS(1878) Teirgargane(1587-8), 1d Teirgaragane(1672), 1½d Turergan(1674), 1½d Tirergan(1751).
Tir Chille 1d 1587-8 NM 3218 1d Teerkill(1672)
Cille Mhuire ¾d 1587-8 NM 3318
Eilean a’ Chalmain ¼d 1587-8 NM 3017 Blaeu ‘obolatam'(1587-8).
Stokadell 2d 1587-8
Ballimoir 4d 1587-8 ¾d(1672). (A mistake – possibly because of an omission)?= Peninmore(1672), Peinmoir(1674), Pennymore(1679)?
Salchur 1d 1587-8 NM 3020/3021 Blaeu 1d(1672)
Knockvologan 2d? NM 3119 Knockmoligan(1672), 3d with Knockafinaig in 1751.
Erraid NM 2919 Blaeu Ellenaird(1672), Ellanerratt(1679)
Fiden ½d 1674 NM 3021 Blaeu ½d Fiddin(1674). With Pottee, Salchur & Elanread as 2d in 1751.
Pottie 1½d 1587-8 NM 3222 Potty(1587-8), 1d(1674). (Included Fiden in 1587-8)? 1½d Pettie(1672), 1d(1674)
Terchladane 1d 1587-8 NM 3223 Blaeu? =Tyrchadba (Blaeu)? 1d Terchladen(1672).
Creich ½d 1587-8 NM 3124 Blaeu Lower & Upper ‘obolatam’ each in 1587-8; ¼d each in 1672, ½d Creich in 1674. 1d Crevich & Catch(ean)? in 1751.
Catechant (½d) 1751 NM 3023 Contiguous to Creich(Argyll Estate Instructions p 202). With Creich in 1751 as 1d?
Ardfenaig 2d 1587-8 NM 3423 Blaeu Ardchenaig(1587-8), 2d(1672), ½d(1674), 1½d(1751).
Tiraghoil 2½d 1587-8 NM 3522 Blaeu 2½d Teirgeyll called Callegownan(1587-8, 1672). 1d(1674).Coille a’ Ghonaidh = NM 3421.
Bunessan 3½d 1587-8 NM 3821 Blaeu 3½d(1672), ½d(1674), 1½d(1751).
Crongerd 2d 1587-8 NM 4023? 2d Cunnyngheurd(1672), ½d Cromgart & Assiboill(1674). =Knockan (Cnoc na Gualainn in OS 6″ Sheet CVI (1875))?
Lee 2d 1587-8 NM 4021 Blaeu 2d Say(1672), 1d Lie(1674)
Assapol 1d 1587-8 NM 4021 Langlands(1801) Assaboll(1587-8), 1½d(1751), Vassipoll(Langlands)
Ardtun 5d 1587-8 NM 3923 Blaeu 5d Ardlunness(1672), Upper & Lower in 1672, 1674 & 1679. With Lie & Sheba as 4½d in 1751.
Suidhe/Suie/Suy ½d 1674 NM 371219 BlaeuOS(1878) 1½d Suie(1751) is listed amongst Ross properties. However it may refer to the Suie in Kilfinichen parish since both parishes were listed together in 1751.
Total 57½d Originally 60d or 3 ouncelands? Conversion rate was 1oz:10m.


In other parts of Mull the term ‘obolatam’ usually meant a ½d land. In Ross the records indicate that it was used to describe a ¼d land. There are four places in Ross (Edderaloch, Lewone, Upper and Lower Creich) which are given as ‘obolatam’ in 1587-8 but which are only farthing-lands in the 1672 Decreet (HP I p 254). Further, in the 1587-8 document the renders due from ‘obolatas’ are lower than those due from ½d lands.


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