South Mull Table

South Mull


Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Gribun Ex Iona nunnery.
Winschear 1d 1574 c. NM 4432/NM 4433? Kingsheyer(1574), Winschear(1616), Eingschyer(1617), Kingschyir(1635), Englishaw(1672), Kingishair(1674).1d(1616, 1617, 1623, 1624, 1629, 1672, 1674)
Balmeanach 1d 1574 NM 4433/4533 Ballimanach(1574) but most spellings are -menach or similar (ie mid-township not monks’ township).1d(1616, 1617, 1623, 1624, 1629, 1674, 1751).
Teanyga/Tyawch ½d 1574 NM 4532 Teanyga(1574), Tyawch(1616), Teyanga(1617), Tyauch(1624), Teanga(1751). ¼d(1751); ½d(1574, 1617, 1674); 1d(1616, 1623, 1624, 1629). Allt na Teangaidh (NM 4532).=Feorlingnatayng in HP I p 315 of 1679, (Feorling=¼d)
Ballinaheine 1d 1574 NM 449336 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Grid Ref from Maclean p 19. Ballienahabnie(1574), Ballenachin(1616), Ballinahine(1751).½d(1616, 1623, 1751), 1d(1617, 1624, 1629, 1672, 1674)
Killumar 1d 1574 NM 454343 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Grid Ref from Maclean p 29. Kilwannoyer(1574), Killuimir(1616), Kilwamocher(1617), Killiemure(1623), ½d(1616, 1623, 1624, 1629, 1751); 1d(1617, 1672, 1674).
Ard/Aird/Balnahard 2d 1574 NM 4534 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Naerd(Blaeu), Ard(1574, 1617), Aird(1616, 1623, 1624, 1672).2d(1617, 1672, 1674); 1d(1616, 1623, 1624, 1629).

1¾d Ballinahaird & Inch(1751).

Total Gribun 6½d Not included in 1509 rental. No merkland assessments for.At 1d:1¼m 6½d would be 8⅛m
Kynnebir etc The name Kynnebir was used in 1509. Also Leirnacalloch(1635).Ex Iona nunnery.
Kynnebir/Inch Kenneth 43s 9d(2⅝d) 1509 NM 4335/4435 Blaeu 2d(1574, 1617, 1672, 1674).+ Eorsa becomes 50s or 3¾m or 3d.
Derryguaig 1⅞m(1½d) 1509 NM 4835 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 1d(1616, 1623, 1624, 1629); 2d(1574, 1617, 1672, 1674). ¾d(1751). With Eorsa in 1672 & 1674. Dyrouaig(Blaeu).
Eorsa 6s 3d or 15/32m 1509 NM 4837 Blaeu ½d(1574, 1617); 1d(1623, 1624, 1672, 1674).Equivalent to ⅜d. See under Inch Kenneth above.
Dhiseig NM 4935 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Teysack(Blaeu), Deissaig(1679), Disaig(1801)
Gilsaid 12s 6d or15/16m 1509 Blaeu Equivalent to ¾d. Blaeu marks it between Dyrouaig (to the W) and Teysack (to the E). In fact it may have been east of Dhiseig.½d(1616, 1623, 1624, 1629), 1d (1574, 1617, 1672, 1674). With Scarrasdill in 1672 & 1674.
Scarrisdale 12s 6d or15/16m 15091674 NM 5137/5237 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Equivalent to ¾d.1d(1574, 1617, 1674.
Knock/Knocktirmartin 1⅞m(1½d) 1509  NM 5438 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Maclean pp 29 & 48. 1d(1616, 1623, 1624, 1629, 1674). 2d(1574, 1617, 1674). Knoktirmartin(1616, 1623, 1624, 1629, 1674, 1679).With Clachaig, Disaig & Eorsay as 3¼d in 1751.
Clachaig 1⅞m(1½d) 1509 NM 5636 BlaeuLanglands(1801) ½d(1616, 1623, 1624), 2d(1574, 1617, 1672, 1674)
Total Kynnebir 11¼m9d 1509
Ardmeanach A 12m9½d 15091493-4 ER XIII p 213, Maclean of Lochbuy’s. Equated to 9½d in RMS II (2200) 1493-4 & RMS III (1745) 1537-8. At 1d:1¼m this is not quite exact (9½d= 11m 11s 8d, 10d = 12½m). See below.
Tavool 1d 1493-4 NM 4327 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 1d Tayobill(1493-4, 1537-8), 1d Tayoboll(1542),1d Tapole(1751).
Coille Chrion? ½d 1493-4 NM 4428? ½d Kailtrene(1493-4), ½d Kayltrene(1537-8), ½d Kailchirn(1542). Obulat(am) = ½d here.
Culliemore ½d 1493-4 NM 4427 Langlands(1801) ½d Kaylmor(1493-4), ½d Kaylemore(1537-8),1d Kaylemore(1542), 1d Killimore(1751), Callimore(Langlands).
Scobull 1d 1493-4 NM 4627 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 1d Scoabyll(1493-4), 1d Scoabill(1537-8), 1d Straboll(1542), 1d Scobull(1751).
Tiroran 1½d 1493-4 NM 4727 Blaeu  1½d Teyrhowrane(1493-4, 1537-8), 1½d Teyrorane(1542), 2d Tiroran(1751)
Breac Achadh ½d 1493-4 NM 4829 ½d Brekach(1493-4), ½d Brekache(1537-8), ½d Brekathe(1542).
Knockroy 2d 1493-4 NM 4729 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 2d Knokroy(1493-4, 1537-8, 1542), 1d Knockroy(1751).
SowecomyllSuidhe Connell? 1½d 1493-4 c. NM 4730? Langlands(1801) 1½d Sowecomyll(1493-4), 1½d Soweconnell(1537-8), 1½d Sowconnell(1542), Suy Cholubkil(Blaeu)?, Shiconnel(Langlands).Maclean pp 34, 117, 160. Kenneth or Columba? See below.
Swy (½d) 1616 c. NM 4830? See below under Sowecomyll.
Camus 1d 1493-4 NM 4828 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 1d Cammys(1493-4, 1537-8, 1542), 2d Cambus(1751).Langlands marks Cambus to E of river.
Total Ardmeanach A 9½d/10d 9½d=11⅞m, 10d=12½m. See below.
Ardmeanach B 8m6½d




6½d in RMS II (2264) of 1390 becomes 8m Ardmanach of RMS II (2329) of 1496 & RMS III (2065) of 1539-40. Like Ardmeanach A this is not quite exact – 6½d = 8⅛m. See below.
Uluvalt 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 5430 Ulwalch(1390), Ullovalt(1509), 1d Ulluch(1510), 1d Ulvalt(1751)
Ardvergnish (1¼m)1d 15091510 NM 5329 Blaeu Ardmargynis(1509). It is clear from the total given in 1509 that the figure of 13s 8d, which is what is written, is a mistake for 16s 8d.1d Ardbalkniche(1510), 1d(1751)
Dererach 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 5129 1d Darferiche(1510), 1d(1631), ¾d(1751)
Killiemore 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 5029 Calyemoir(1509), Challemore(1510), Calziemore(1631), Kielimore(1751). 1d(1631)
Kilfinichen 2½m2d 15091631 NM 4928 Blaeu 1d(1510)2½d Kilfinichan & Aird of Kenloch(1751)
Kilkawin 1¼m(1d) 1509 Keawtegan/Keltegan (1390). 16s 8d – of which 8s 4d (ie ½d) was mortified to the church in 1509. See below under Sowecomyll.
Burg 1¼m1d 15091390 NM 4226 Blaeu 1d Bowach(1510) – which, despite the difference in spelling, is most likely to be Burg. 1d(1674, 1751)
Total Ardmeanach B 10m / 8d 1509 8d=10m at 1d:1¼m. Ardmenach B was 2m more in 1509 than it had been in 1496.
Total Ardmeanach 1496 20m/16d See below.
Total Ardmeanach 1509 22m/17½d See below. 17½d = 21⅞m.
Forsay & Leremulach 20m 1509 Blaeu 15¾d(1493-4, 1537-8). Leremulach(1509). Glen Foirsa, Leirmvllach(Blaeu). Arithmetically 20m is 16d at 1d:1¼m.
Gruline 1¼m(1d) 1509  NM 5439/5440NM 5539 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3273

Growding(1493-4), Crouding(1509), Growding(1537-8).2d(1493-4, 1537-8, 1542), 2½d(1751).
Torranlochan 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 5540 BlaeuRHP 3273 Probably included in 2d Gruline above.
Callachally 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 5942 RHP 664/1RHP 3273 Calchelle(1493-4), Callohailye(1509), Gallachelly(1751)1d(1537-8, 1542), 1½d(1751)
Killbeg 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 6041 Langlands(1801)RHP 3273 Kelbeg(1493-4), Killebeg(1509), Kailbeg(1624).1d(1537-8, 1542, 1624, 1669), ⅔d(1751)
Gaodhail 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 6038 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3273

Gyeddrill(1493-4), Gydgraule(1509), Gyddiell(1624), Geiderlaw(1751).1d(1537-8, 1542, 1624), 1¼d(1751)
Chowour (⅝m)½d 15091493-4 c. NM 6138 RHP 3273 Chowour(1493-4), Chowoure(1537-8, 1542), Thebour(1624).8s 8d in 1509 – probably for 8s 4d. ½d(1537-8, 1542, 1624).

Beinn na Duatharach – NM 6036.

Bradull 1¼m1d 15091493-4 c. NM 6136/6137 RHP 3273 ⅝m each (More & Beg) in 1509, 1d Brayadill(1493-4, 1537-8), ½d each of Braidilaltach and Braidildow in 1751. Bradyal(1826). Maclean pp 20-21. See below.
Tomsleibhe ⅝m(½d) 1509  NM 6137 Langlands(1801)RHP 3273 ¼d only of Toslebeg in 1493-4, 1537-8, 1542. ⅝m of Tousliebeg in 1509. ¼d Tomslea in 1751. Perhaps the whole of Tomslea =½d.
Liath Dhoire ¼d 1751 NM 6136 Langlands(1801) Liaderry(Langlands). Previously part of Tomsleibhe or Bradull?
Coire Ghaibhre ¼d 1751 NM 6334/6434 Langlands(1801)RHP 3273
Rhoail 2d 1751 NM 6337 Langlands(1801) 1d Rochilmore, 1d Rochilbeg & Corrachy(1751),½d Roelbeg(1669). Rhoail = Ronseilye?
Ronseilye 1¼m1d 15091493-4 Ronseilyemoir & Ronseilyebeg(1509),1d of 2 Russillis(1493-4 & 1537-8). Ronseilye = Rhoail?
Corrachadh 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 6139 Blaeu? Coroch(1493-4), Corrachy(1509), Coroche(1537-8), Korady?(Blaeu). 1d (1493-4, 1537-8, 1542, 1669).
Pennygown 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 5942 BlaeuRHP 664/1 1d (1493-4, 1537-8, 1542, 1751).
Leitir 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 6341 BlaeuRHP 664/1


Lettir-Arnacreill(1493-4), Lettir(1509), 2d Leater Ardintreoll(1624).1d (1493-4, 1537-8, 1542, 1669, 1751).
Corrynachenchy ½d 1624 NM 6441 BlaeuRHP 664/1 ?=½d Corraniche(1624), ?=½d Correchnayemioch(1669),½d Corrynahennagan(1751), Kori na Haenach(Blaeu), Cornahenucher(1787)
Fishnish 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 6441/6442 BlaeuRHP 664/1 Fynchenis(1493-4), Fenschenis(1509)1d (1537-8, 1542, 1630). 2d Fishnish & Balimenoch(1751).
Balmeanach (1d) 1751 NM 6541 BlaeuRHP 664/1 With Fishnish as 2d(1751).
(Rubha) Leth Thorcaill 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 6642 BlaeuRHP 664/1


Laychtyrdill(1493-4), Laychtirkill(1542), Leaderchill(1751), Ledurkil(1787), Laidirkle(1801)1d (1537-8, 1542, 1751).
Garmony 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 6640 BlaeuRHP 664/1 1d (1537-8, 1542, 1669, 1751).
Scallastle 2½m2d 15091493-4 NM 6938 BlaeuRHP 664/1 2½m Mor & Beg(1509), 2d More & Beg (1751); 1d each Mor & Beg in 1493-4, 1537-8, 1542, 1624, 1669).
Total Forsay 20m/16d 16d = 20m at 1d:1¼m
Torosay 22½m/18d18½d 15091510 Both including Glen Cannel. Duart Castle with ounceland of Torosay (RMS II (2264) on original of 1390).
Duart 2½m1d 15091510 NM 7435 2d with Ardechoirk(1674) which suggests the 2½m of 1509 included Ardchoirk which is not otherwise mentioned in that document. See below.
Ardchoirk (1¼m)1d 15091510 NM 7433 RHP 664/1 1d Ardchoigh(1510). With Duart as 2d in 1674.
Torgormack 2½m2d 15091510 NM 729354 RHP 664/1Langlands(1801) Torwormayg(1509), Thonchormaigh(1510), Torgormaik(1631). Langlands has Tomgormick which suggests first element might be Tom not Torr. (Maclean pp 35-6).
Kilpatrick NM 7334 RHP 664/1Langlands(1801) 1¼d with ¼ Barafravechaistle in 1751.
Bernasaanchastle 1d 1674 HP I p 283, =Barr na sean-chaisteil? cf Kilpatrick & Ardnadrochit.
(Upper) Achnacroish 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 7234 BlaeuRHP 664/1 1d Ardnagrose(1510), 1d Auchnacroce in Goyne(1631).3d with Torgormack & Doir’ a’ Chuilinn in 1674 & 1751.
Doir’ a’ Chuilinn   NM 6731
Barr nam Frian 2½m2d 15091510 NM 7433 Bardenefrewin(1509), de binis (of the two) Barnawfrane(1510). 1d Barlibrian in Goyne(1631), 1d Barnasriannangoinan (Barr nam Frian in Goyne?) in HP I p 284 of 1674.
Goyne See below.
Auchnacraig 2½m2d 15091510 NM 7330 BlaeuRHP 664/1 2d Achnacraig & Leirfredaig(1674).3¼d Achnacraig & Ardachyl(1751).
Ardnadrochit (1¼m)1d 1510 NM 7332 RHP 664/1 1d (1674) with half allowed to tenant for service as officer. 2d with Strad..?, Tornaskiachbeg & ¼ Barnafraivechaistle in 1751.
An Gleannan 2½m2d 15091510 NM 7231 RHP 664/1 1¼m Glanane & 1¼m Glananebeg in 1509. 2d de binis (of the two) Glennannis in 1510. See below.
Gualachaolish (1¼m)1d 15091510 NM 7128 BlaeuRHP 664/1 Culkelis(1510), Culcheulis(Blaeu), Coulchelis(1674) which suggests first element might be cul not guala. Callequholehous is 2½m with Killane in 1509. See below.
Achdabeg 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 7129 RHP 664/1 Auchybeg(1509), 1d Auchtabigh(1510), 1d Auchatabeg & Shenbal in HP I p 284 of 1674.
Cnoc an t-seana-bhaile   NM 7329 With Auchatabeg as 1d in HP I p 284 of 1674. See also under Gualachaolish and Ardura in 1751.
Ardachoil 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 7030 RHP 664/1 Ardkeule(1509), 1d Ardcheyll(1674).3¼d Achnacraig & Ardachyl(1751).
Ardura ½d 1674 NM 6830 BlaeuRHP 664/1 ½d Ardewro(1674). With Gualchelish, part of Carnaig & Shenovaille as 1¾d in 1751.
Tornaskiach 1¼m1½d 15091510 NM 722327 RHP 664/1 ⅝m missing in 1509? 3 oblatas (3 x ½d) de binis (of the two) Thornaskeith in 1510. 1d Tornaskychmoir & ½d Tornaskychbeg in 1674. See Maclean p 36 but my Grid Ref follows RHP 664/1.
Glen Cannel 2½m2d 15091390 NM 5935 Glenkener(1390), Glenkennir(1496), Glenkennyr(1509), Glencarrell? (1510), Glencanoir(1674), Glencannell(1751). 1d only in 1674 & 1751. See below.






NM 5934 BlaeuLanglands(1801)


1d(1674 & 1751). Probably the second pennyland of Glen Cannel (1390). In 1510 there is 1d Blareboy (blar + buidhe) which is probably an older name for Gortenbuie.
Killean (1¼m)1d 15091643 NM 7128 RHP 664/1 16s(1620, 1635, 1640). 1¼m(1642), 18s(1620). 1d(1751).2½m with Callequholehous (Gualachaolish) in 1509.
Total Torosay 22½m18½d 15091510 22½m – of which 20m is Torosay proper and 2½m is Glen Cannel?22½m is 18d at 1d:1¼m
Moloros 17½m14d 15091493-4 Said to be 20m in 1509 but only 17½m given. 20m would be 16d. 17½m/14d(1493-4, 1537-8, 1542)
Croggan 2½m(2d) 1509 NM 7025 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3519

1¼m Croganemoir, 1¼m Croganebeg, (1509), 1d Crogane(1656), 1½d Crogan(1751).Crogan now (NM 7027) is north of where it was in the past.
Ardnesaleyne 1d 1493-4 c. NM 7227 1d Ardnesaleyne(1537-8), 1d Ardnesaleyn(1542). This is probably a version of Rubha nan Sailthean and an alternative name for either Croganmore or Croganbeg.
Drimnatain 1d 1493-4 NM 6926 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3519

1d Drumnatym(1493-4), 1½d(1751).Drumnadayen(Blaeu). This is probably the other half of Crogan to match Ardnesaleyne above.
Caulyea 1¼m1d 15091493-4 c. NM 6826? Blaeu Kowillay(1493-4, 1537-8), Kowyllay(1542), Colea(1642), Kowllie(1656), Coulle(Blaeu). With Kinlochspoleve as 2d in 1642.
Garmonyreoch ⅝m½d 15091493-4 NM 6725 Langlands(1801)RHP 3519 8s 4d Garmoney(1509), obulatam de Garmown (1493-4), ½d Garmowun(1542), ½d Garmon(1751).
Barachandroman ⅝m½d 15091493-4 NM 6525 BlaeuRHP 664/1 8s 4d Barchantromane(1509), obulatam de Berchantromane (1493-4), ½d Barthantromair(1542). With Kenlochspelve as 1½d in 1751.
Kinlochspelve (1¼m)1d 15091493-4 NM 6526 RHP 664/1Langlands(1801) 13s 8d(1509) which is likely a mistake for 16s 8d (1¼m). 1d Chanloch-Spelow(1493-4, 1537-8, 1542). With Colea (Caulyea) as 2d in 1642. With Barichandroman as 1½d in 1751.
Juredill ⅝m½d 15091493-4 NM 6822/6723 BlaeuOS(1875)


8s 4d Juredill mortified to the church of St John the Evangelist in ER XIII p 212 of 1509; ½d(1493-4, 1537-8, 1542).=½d Inridle of AS II (914) in 1656? Iaradail(1875).
Debadill ⅝m(½d) 1509 NM 6622 BlaeuRHP 3519 Dibadil(Blaeu). This is likely to be Glenlibidil.1d with Desgaig in 1493-4, 1537-8, 1542.
(Abhainn) Diosgaig ⅝m(½d) 1509 NM 6223 Blaeu Desgaig(1493-4), Deestage(1509), Daskaig(Blaeu). 1d with Debedell in 1493-4, 1537-8, 1542. Includes element -skiki (strip)?
Laggan 2½m2d 15091493-4 NM 6223 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 2d Lagan (1493-4, 1537-8, 1542). 3½d(1751).
Moy 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 6124 Langlands(1801) 1d Moy with castle (1493-4, 1537-8, 1542, 1612, 1663).4d with Glenbyre, Inagart & Cameron in 1751.
Cameron ⅝m(½d) 15091493-4 NM 6024/6025 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Carmeroune(1509). Although Camroyn is given as 1d in 1493-4, 1537-8, 1542 & 1636 I think this included ½d Instaple which is only mentioned in 1509.
Instaple ⅝m(½d) 1509 c. NM 5924 Only mentioned in 1509 but I think was half of Cameron which was 1d in 1493-4, 1537-8, 1542 & 1636. Possibly = Port a’ Bheoil Mhoir at NM 597246?
Le Croft/Croft/Crosta ⅝m½d 15091493-4 c. NM 5924 Blaeu? Crosta(1493-4 & 1537-8 although Crosca in OPS). Le Croft in 1509 & Croft in 1542. Position in list suggests NM 5924. Perhaps = Gortenasroine NM 593247. Charest(Blaeu)?
Glen Byre 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 5823 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3519

Glenbayr(1493-4), Glenbaer(1509), Glenbair(1537-8, 1542), Glenbarre(1636). 1d in 1493-4, 1537-8, 1542 & 1636.4d with Moy, Inagart & Cameron in 1751.
Inagart ⅝m½d 15091493-4 NM 5722 BlaeuRHP 3519 8s 4d Eynnetaig(1509) – mortified to the church of St Kenneth, ½d Inegard(1493-4, 1537-8, 1542). There is also ½d Eningart(1574, 1617, 1674 – ex-Iona nunnery ) which   must be the same. 4d with Moy, Glenbyre & Cameron in 1751.
Rossal 1¼m1d 15091493-4 NM 5427 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3519

1d in 1493-4, 1537-8, 1542 & 1751. 
Derrynaculen ⅝m½d 15091493-4 NM 5629 BlaeuLanglands(1801)

RHP 3519

½d Darnakowlane(1493-4, 1537-8, 1542).¼d in 1751.
Total Moloros 17½m14d 15091493-4
Brolos 12¾d 1390 18m 5s 10d in 1509 which would be 14¾d. 14¼m(1658)
Skrydane et Ard 1d 1587-8 1d Skriden & Surd(1672). Presumably the Aird at the head of Loch Scridain. Aird of Kenloch and Kenlochscriden are separate in 1751 AVR. 1½d Kenlochscriden(1751).
Kenloch 1d 1510 NM 5226 OS(1875) RMS II (3440) with lands in Ardmeanach. OS 6″ 1st Series Sheet CVII (1875) marks Kinloch at what is now Glenevan.
An Leth-allt ⅝m(½d) 1509 NM 5327/5427 An Leth-allt is the burn just W of Rossal and so the north-eastern boundary of Brolos. Lyalt(1509), Lyald(1587-8). 1d with Gleswilder in 1587-8 & 1672. Maclean p 31.
Gleswilder/Glaswilder (⅝m)½d 1561 With Lyald as 1d in 1587-8 & 1672.
Carlvalog (⅝m)(½d) 1509 NM 5621 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 8s 7d in 1509 which is a mistake for 8s 4d. 1d Carvalge(1561).Property of Iona in 1509. With Beachach as 1½d in 1751.
Glen Leidle &Ardskaylinis 1¼m(1d) 1509 NM 5226/5225 Langlands(1801) Glenledill & Ardskaylinis(1509). The latter may be what is now Aird of Kinloch in which case Glenledill & Ardskaylinis may be the same as Skrydane et Ard of   1587-8.
Glen Leidle ½d 1574 NM 5226/5225 Maclean p 27. ½d(1617, 1672, 1674), ⅓d(1616, 1623, 1624). This should be viewed as part of the 1d Glenledill & Ardskaylinis above. I suspect that ⅓d is a mistake for ½d.
Carsaig 1¼m1d 15091561 NM 5321 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Corsok(1509), 1d 1587-8, 1672.
Feoirlinn (¼d) NM 5321
Finachag ⅝m(½d) 1509 NM 5321 8s 4d Fenachane(1509). With Pennyghael, Carsaig & Glen Leidle as 3d in 1635 & 3m 10d (correctly 3m 10s?) in 1751.
Pennyghael 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 5125/5126 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 1d(1642, 1658).
Pennycross 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 5025 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Penyngross(1509).1d(1751).
Killunaig 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 4925 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Killinnak(1509), Kilinnagh(1510).1d Killeunaig(1751)
Torrans 3¾m3d 15091510 NM 4825 Langlands(1801) See below.
Beach 2½m2d 15091587-8 NM 4623 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Two Beachs belonged to church of St Columba or Iona(1509). 2d Beith/Beich(1587-8), 2d Beich(1617). 1½d Beachach & Corranvalg(1751).
Ormsaig 12s 6d1d 15091510 NM 4423 BlaeuLanglands(1801) 12s 6d = 15/16 of a merk which is 5/16 (4s 2d) less than we would expect for the merkland equivalent of 1d. With Ardchrishnish as 2d in 1751.
Conyeauch ⅝m(½d) 1509 There is a Cnoc na Coinnich at NM 4423 but Langlands (1801) marks Cuness on the south shore of Brolos. This is the only reference.
Ardchrishnish 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 4224 Langlands(1801) Ardskneschanis(1509), Ardkinsnis(1510), Ardchresnish(1801).
Kilpatrick 1¼m1d 15091510 NM 419235 BlaeuLanglands(1801) Gilfatrick(1509). 1d(1751).
Pinnin Morie (1d) c. NM 4419 Blaeu
Pin Binkorren (1d) Blaeu Either Gleann Alasgaig (NM 4921/5020/5120) or unnamed glen to west of this.
Brolos total 19m 10d 19m 10d = 19m + 1/16th m. Original likely to be 20m or 16d?
Total Gribun 8⅛m/6½d Gribun & Kynnebir together = 20m or 16d?
Total Kynnebir 11¼m/9d
Total Ardmeanach 20m/16d 1496 In 1509 it was 22m or 17½d (17½d = 21⅞m).
Total Forsay 20m/16d
Total Torosay 22½m/18d 1509 Torosay + Moloros = 40m or 32d.
Total Moloros 17½m/14d
Total Brolos 20m? 20m=16d
Total South Mull 120m?95½d Original total = 120m? 120m = 96d at 1d:1¼m.100d would be 125m.





In the documents Ardmeanach is often divided in two and should be seen through the lens of its earlier pennyland assessment rather than its later merkland assessment. Ardmeanach A was a total of 9½d which is 11m 11s 8d although in 1509 it is given a nominal total of 12m. Ardmeanach B was 6½d or 8m 1s 8d but given a nominal total of 8m in 1496 & 1539-40. 11m 11s 8d + 8m 1s 8d comes to exactly 20m whilst the pennyland total is 16d which, at the conversion rate of 1d:1¼m comes to 20m also. So even if the two separate parts of Ardmeanach seems to have anomalies of conversion once we add everything together the arithmetic is perfect. (If we include Oronsay’s property of Swy we must assume ½d or ⅝m extra).


Sowecomyll/Suidhe Connell/Kilkawin?

There are references to 8s Swy or Suy in Mull in 1616, 1623, 1624 & 1629. This is probably for 8s 4d or ½d. It had formerly belonged to Oronsay Priory. (There is another Suidhe in Ross of Mull which was part of the Iona estate). Where was Oronsay’s Suy? In order to solve this problem it is helpful to look at what happened to the 16s 8d (ie 1d) land of Kilkawin which is referred to in 1509. This is probably the same as Keawtegan or Keltegan of 1390 and half of it is recorded as mortified to the church in 1509. I think Kilkawin lay just NW of Kilfinichen and since it disappears after 1509 I think the two halves may have gone to different neighbours. Half may have been absorbed by Kilfinichen whilst the other half (presumably the half mortified to the church) may be the same as Oronsay’s Swy. The 1390 charter of the eastern section of Ardmeanach specifies 6½d. This works if we assume Kilfinichen at 2d, Killiemore at 1d, Dererach at 1d, Ardvergnish at 1d, Uluvalt at 1d and half of Kilkawin at ½d. The other ½d of Kilkawin could be the church lands which are referred to in 1509 and which we can assume belonged to Oronsay Priory. According to Langlands, Shiconnel (ie Suidhe Connel) lay N of Knockroy on the west bank of Glen Seilisdeir (c. NM 4730). I suspect the old northern half of Kilkawin lay opposite on the east bank of Glen Seilisdeir – roughly where Achonnaill is marked in the OS 6″ 1st Series Sheet XCIV of 1878 (NM 485302). The southern half of Kilkawin may have centred on what is now Balevulin in NM 4829.



Forsay & Leremulach



The situation with the various Bradulls is confusing, not least because both Blaeu and Langlands seem uncertain as to which river system they belonged to – the Forsa or the Cannel. Furthermore Bradull was subdivided and the divisons were called -altrich or -altach, -dow or -du or -dubh, more and beag. (See Maclean pp 20-21). Bradull was clearly in upper Glen Forsa c. NM 6136/6137 but I am not sure of its precise relationship to Tomsleibhe and Liath Dhoire.




The Torosay estate is listed in ER XIII p 213 for 1509 and in RMS II (3440) for 1510. The first is a merkland assessment, the second by pennyland. Since they are almost the same we can make useful comparisons. The first list (18d) includes 1d Killean but omits 1d Ardnadrochaid, the second (18½d) does the opposite. Both lists include Glen Cannel which may not have been part of Torosay originally? (Without Glen Cannel, Torosay would be a 20m unit – like many others in Mull).



In 1751 Duart is linked with Ardchoirk, ¼ Barnafraive-chaistle, Feolinmore & part of Shenovaill as 3¼d. Feolinmore is possibly feoirling + more (the big farthing-land) while Shenovaill is for sean + baile or old town.



Goyne seems to have been a district name in Torosay. Torgormaik, Achnacroish and Barr nam Frian were all said to be in Goyne. There is a similar place-name in Kilarrow parish in Islay.


An Gleannan

1d Glenawachtrach (Upper) & Carnaig + 1d Glenanichtrach (Lower) in HP I p 284 of 1674. Gleannan Uachdarach is now NM 7229. 2½d Glennan, Tornaskiachmore & Achatabeg in 1751.



With Ardura, part of Carnaig & (part of?) Shenovaille as 1¾d in 1751.


Glen Cannel

Glen Cannel was 2d in 1390 but I suspect this contained the 1d of Gortenbuie. There is 1d Glenkeill (sive (or) Glencarrell) in 1510 which is probably Glen Cannel proper.






In 1509 there were three Torrans – Tornbeg, Tornanach & Tornecheir. In 1510 they are classed together as 3d of the three ‘Thorris’. Torrinichtrache or Lower Torrin belonged to Iona in 1561 (CRA p 1). This is just called 1d Thorin in 1587-8 (CRA p 163) or 1d Thornie in 1672 (HP I p 254). In 1751 they are Torranbeg, Torranuachtrich (Upper) and Torranichtrach (Lower). Langlands (1801) gives them the same names of Torranbeg (NM 4825), Torranuachrach (NM 4824) and Torranichrach (NM 4724). Presumably Upper and Lower Torran were subdivisions of a former Torranmore.



Eas na Dabhaich, NM 5421. This may be named for a tub-like feature in the waterfall rather than for davach the land-assessment unit.


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