Minginish Summary



Principal Sources


RMS II (2420) 1498

NRAS 2950/2/485/11 Rental 1706

NRAS 2950/2/485/12 Rental 1707

NRAS 2950/2/485/13 Rental 1708

NRAS 2950/2/491/6 Rental 1724

NRAS 2950/2/491/7 Rental 1724

NRAS 2950/2/491/8 Rental 1744

NRAS 2950/2/485/58 Rental 1790


Minginish is poorly represented in Blaeu’s map of Skye but see Macfarlane’s Geographical Collections II p 583


RHP 8725 Plan of Minginish, C Stewart, 1810

RHP 8726 Plan of part of Macleod Estate, J Chapman, 1810

RHP 8727 Plan of part of Macleod Estate, A Cameron, 1848, (based on Survey by J Chapman, 1810).


Unfortunately I have no independent valuation for Soay although it is a significant island and must have been worth a fair number of pennylands. The total for Minginish is 81½d or just over 4 ouncelands. I can believe that, with Soay, the total could have been as high as 100d or 5 ouncelands. Having said that, the value of Minginish is given as 4 ouncelands from 1498 (RMS II (2420)) onwards so it is possible that Soay was calculated separately. For the issue of whether Drynoch should be treated as Minginish or Bracadale please see under Bracadale.


There is an Allt Dabhoch at NG 3823. It is possible that this takes its name from some vat or tub-like feature in the bed of the stream. I prefer to interpret it as the name of a davach boundary.


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