Drymen Estates

Drymen estates


Properties in Drymen were often parts of large estates which overlapped into other parishes. It is sometimes easier to follow the estates through the documentary trail. In each case I have used the spellings found in the first document.

Farm name Modern name Individual Value Parish
Estate 1:  Napier-Edinbellie estate      
Gartnes Gartness   Drymen
Dalnare Dalnair   Drymen
Blareoure Blairoer 6m Drymen
Gartharne Gartacharn £5 Drymen
2 le Bollats

‘Waster Ballat’



Douchlas Douchlage   Drymen
Badwow Baddivow 2½m Drymen
Edinballe Edinbellie £5 Balfron
Ballacharne Ballochearn £5 Balfron
Thomdaroch*   5m Balfron?
Estate 2: Drumquhassle estate      
Drumquhassil Drumquhassle 9m Drymen
Boquhynin Balfunning Drymen
Blairfad Blairfad 3m Drymen
Ladinrew Lednabra? 3m Drymen
Cranevarne with mill Craigievern   Drymen
    £16 OE (24m) 1512, 1596  


Napier-Edinbellie estate

The antecedents of the Napier-Edinbellie estate can be found in GD430/78 1473 and GD430/87 1490.

The Napier-Edinbellie estate appears in RMS II (2235) 1494-5, (3347) 1509, (3748) 1512; GD430/98 1495, GD430/104 1510; Dumbarton Retours (19) 1617, (45) 1646, (75) 1684.

Dumbarton Retours (19) 1617 & (75) 1684 specify 2 bovatas of Gartness which might suggest Gartness was a quarterland. The whole estate is given an Old Extent of 104m 6s 8d in 1617 & 1646.

*5m Thomdarroch in GD430/147 1595. I have not managed to locate it but it was probably in Balfron, possibly in Drymen. I think it was different to the Tomdarroch in Fintry parish.



Drumquhassle estate

The outlines of the Drumquhassle estate can be traced in GD220/1E/4/4/6 1512. Drumquhassle is there given as 9m, Balfunning, Blairfad, Lednerew and Craiovern as £10 (15m). Together these would make 24m or £16 as in 1550, 1596 & 1601.

The Drumquhassle estate appears as above in RMS IV (517) 1550; Stirling Retours (366) 1596, (32) 1601 & (186) 1646; GD220/1/E/4/4/10 1614-15 and GD86/428 1616. In Stirling Retours (203) 1653 it is listed as Drumquhassels, Ballintone, Ledinrew, 3 Balfiningis and mill of Blairfad. Dumbarton Retours (71) 1680 gives the estate with some extra properties in other parishes. The valuations are confused. The estate is given as £16 OE in 1596 & 1601; 16m OE in 1646; 2m 6s 8d OE in 1653.


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