Galbraith Estate

Galbraith holdings in the Lennox.


We can glimpse the enormous Galbraith estate in the Lennox by the properties held by the Douglas, Logan and Hamilton families who married Galbraith heiresses. This table only deals with the lands held by the Douglas or Logan families.


GD220/1/A/3/5/1 1545/6 lists lands belonging to Alexander Douglas of Mains and John Logan of Balvie. The following table allows us to splice these holdings together.


Douglas lands Logan lands Original Galbraith holding Parish
Mains Balvie Logan Balvie E Kilpatrick
Little Balvie Douglas   Balvie E Kilpatrick
Ledcamroch Douglas Ledcamroch Logan Ledcamroch E Kilpatrick
Harlehewin     Strathblane
Cameron Douglas Cameron Logan Cameron Drymen
Camoquhil Douglas Camoquhil Logan Camoquhil Balfron
Balfunning Douglas Balfunning Logan Balfunning Drymen
Feorlincarry     Rosneath
Portincaple     Row
  Gartconnell Gartconnell E Kilpatrick
  Bannachtan Bannachtan E Kilpatrick
Ferguston (Robert Douglas) Ferguston Logan Ferguston E Kilpatrick
  Inchtavannach Inchtavannach  
?Baljaffray     E Kilpatrick


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2 comments on “Galbraith Estate
  1. Steven Logan says:

    Just wondering why you have no names linked to Gartconnel?
    My research shows links with Douglas and Logan families.

    • drixson says:

      Steven. Thank You. The table does show Gartconnell in the Logan column but not in the Douglas column. Without trawling through my notes I’m not sure if this an oversight of mine or perhaps ignorance of some of the available sources. It is confusing because the documents sometimes refer to a property as “…. Logan” or “…. Douglas” – but not always! If you can provide chapter and verse for the Gartconnell Douglas connection I should be delighted to include it. It’s feedback like this which will improve the website. Many thanks, Denis.

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