Haldane Estate

Haldane estate


In each case I have used the spellings found in the first document. Inchcailloch was later part of Buchanan parish

Farm name Modern name Parish
RMS II (1546) 1482-3    
Ballarde Ballaird Drymen
Kepdowry Kepdowrie Drymen
Carbeth Carbeth Killearn
Camquhell Camoquhill (NS 5289) Balfron
Argess Ardess (NS 3699) Inchcailloch
RMS II (2436) 1498    
Culzemore Coille Mhór (NS 3797) Inchcailloch
Rosmuckrath Ross (NS 3796) Inchcailloch
Lurglorne Lurg (NS 3797) Inchcailloch
Killedin Cul an Eudainn (NS 4492) Buchanan
½ Drummekkill Drumakill (NS 480889) Drymen
3 le Kateris Catter (NS 4787) Kilmaronock
Fenekintenand Finnich-Tennent Drymen
Barquhois Blairhosh (NS 4083) Kilmaronock
Blarenahill Blairnyle (NS 4183) Kilmaronock
Scheneglace Shanacles (NS 4084) Kilmaronock
Ladrisbeg Ledrishbeg (NS 3982) Kilmaronock
2 le Boturchis Boturich Castle (NS 3884) Kilmaronock
Treinbeg*   Drymen
Knokour + fishing croft Knokour (NS 3885) Kilmaronock
Barlosky Blairlusk (NS 4184) Kilmaronock
Ledrismore Ledrishmore (NS 4083) Kilmaronock
Two Auchinkerachis Mid Auchincarroch (NS 4182) Bonhill
+ islands of    
Ross Islets off Ross in NS 3695 ? Inchcailloch
Durrinche Torrinch (NS 4089)  
Ilendarg Eilean nan Deargannan (NS 3598) Inchcailloch
RMS II (3838) 1513    
Caschly Cashley Drymen
Retours (Perth) (940) 1685    
Drumdash =Easter Catter Kilmaronock


*Treinbeg. This is the Treinbeg/Trienbeg by Drymen – to be distinguished from another Treinbeg in Killearn.


RMS II (1546) 1482-3 (James III to John Haldane) is given at the top of the leftmost column above.


RMS II (2436) 1498 (as second section of the leftmost column above) is royal confirmation of an enfeoffment by Matthew earl of Lennox. This matches exactly with GD198/59 1493 which is an indenture between the earl of Lennox and John Haldane – see Fraser, The Lennox, II, No 93, pp 147-50. The spellings in the latter document are: ‘Calemor, the Ross Mcrath, Lurglorn, Keledeyn, the half of Drumekill, the thre Catyrs, Temkyte, Nader Barquhos, Blarmyle, Schenaglas, Ladrysbeg, and the twa Boturchis … Treynbeg, Knockour, with the fyschar land callyt the Croft, Barlosk, Ladrysmor, and twa Ackinkerachis … and the yilis of the Ross, Durinche and Yilingdarg’. (It is possible that Temkyte, Nader is actually for Finnich-Tennent rather than Finnich and Nether Barquhos).


RMS II (3288) 1508-9 & (3838) 1513 repeat the 1498 list with variant spellings. Rosmuckrath becomes ‘le Ross’ in 1509-9. Blarenahill  becomes Barnahill in 1508-9 or Berneill in 1513. Knokour is Knockgour in 1513. See also GD198/121 1513.

The Haldane lands were held in 2 separate baronies: Haldane & Glenegas (Gleneagles) but I have not distinguished them above.


‘Kepdouri’ and ‘Herdas’ (Ardess) appear in GD198/3 of early 14th century. Printed in ‘The Lennox’ Vol II p 406.

See also RMS II (1116) 1473.


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