Paisley Abbey Properties

Paisley Properties

This table compares Paisley properties in earlier and later sources.

Lennox Cartulary


Paisley Register


(both from late 12th cent. on)

RMS V (128) 1580-1

CCED (143) 2/5/1587*

RMS V (1320) 29/7/1587

RMS V (2070) 1591-2

Dumbart. Retours (24) 1621

Value Modern Name
Church of Kilpatrick Kirktoun of Kilpatrik    
  Eister & Wester Kilpatrik 20m Kilpatrick
Cochinach Eister & Wester Cochnoch 20m Cochno
Edinanernan Edinbarnat & Craigbanyoch 6½m & 1m Edinbarnet
Baccan     Not Ballagan**
Finbealach     Not Finnich**
Drumcreue     Not Duncryne**
Graguentalach = Craigbanyoch 1m Craigbanzeoch
Monachkenneran Maquhanrane 10m Boquhanran
Drumtechglunan Dunterclunane 7m Duntiglennan
Cuiltebut Eister & Wester Kilbowies £11 10s




    Dalmonach – by Lenbren below.
Lenbren Limbrane (Dumb. Ret. (24))   Fish-trap (R Leven)
Drumthocher Myltoun de Drumtochir 6½m Duntocher/Miltoun
Achincloch Not a Paisley property   Auchincloch
Sedes Patricii      
Drunlosset/Losset     Lusset
Cathconnen     Gartconnel
Dunotter Not a Paisley property 10m Dunotter/Dalnotter
Kinmunchayr Not a Paisley property   Kilmannan
Seueglass Not a Paisley property   Shanacles
  Moreisland 2m  
  Auchintoschen 6m Auchentoshan
  Belwarthill 1m Blawarthill
  Auchinlek £5 (7½m) Auchinleck
  Faiclay/Forklay 1½m Faifley?
  Braidfeild 6m Braidfield
  Auchingrie 2m Auchingree
  Barnes 6m Barns
  Gawenburne   Gavinburn***
Lochbeth     N of parish?
Cornenade     Water near Lochbeth
Lochan Part of Shanacles   RMP 213-4
Crakan Part of Shanacles   RMP 213-4


* Charter Chest of the Earldom of Dundonald, FJ Grant (ed.), Scottish Record Society, 1910

** RRS IV Pt 1 No 258 p 217 1271 – The editors identify Fimbalauch as Finnich and Backan as Ballagan. I cannot find any evidence these were ever Paisley properties and do not agree with the attributions. I do not think Drumcreue was Duncryne.

*** Gavinburn was a later name for part of Wester Kilpatrick.



‘Watch meal’

Another method by which we might identify Paisley’s properties is to study the ‘watch meal’ of Kilpatrick. Essentially this was a tax on the farms of Kilpatrick which maintained the garrison in Dumbarton Castle. It is referred to in the Paisley Abbey rent roll and apparently fell on fourteen townships in Kilpatrick parish. Bruce gives a list of these towns on p 94 of his History but I doubt both its completeness and some of his modern attributions. However he suggested that Drumcrewe, Dalfearn, Renfode and Drumdyvanis were possibly the modern Barns. I think he is certainly correct that Barns was the later name for some of these earlier Paisley properties but knowing precisely which ones is probably beyond us. On p 97 he gives the names of heritors and tenants of these towns who, in 1712, took legal action against the Duke of Montrose who was trying to extract the watch meal. It appears the towns must have included Barns, Edenbarnet, Milntoun, Auchintoshan, Hole, Duntiglennan, Auchinleck, Closs & Nethercloss, Burnbrae, Easter Kilpatrick and Kilbowie. On p 98 are the name of supporters from Boquhanran and Braidfield. On p 99 Cameron lists those farms still liable in the 19th century. The names of Gavinburn, Blackmailing, Golden Hill and Cowbreggan can be added to the above. Some of these names just represent subdivisions of older farms but it does show how we may yet be able to work out Paisley’s property portfolio in Kilpatrick.


Auchingrie (a hill property) might be the same as one of Baccan, Finbealach, Drumcreue or Salvari.


References to the watch meal include RMS II (1309) 1477, RMS IV (2568) 1576, GD220/1/G/7/2/3 1705, GD220/6/1625 No 29 1726.


See also Fraser, Lennox, I, pp 82, 112-113, 125-7.


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