Applecross and Torridon – Summary Table

Applecross and Torridon

Gordon(ES) = Gordon/Blaeu map of Extima Scotiae

Name Value Date Grid Ref Map Sources Other forms, comments etc
Borrodale 5 bovates 1629 NG 7144 Roy(PC & FC) RS37/4/175v 1629; RS37/6/137v 1638. Bonnadell (1567). Boradill 1591-2. Barradaill 1662. PNRC p 204 claims Mains of Applecross was Borrodale.
Longoll ¼ davach 1638 c. NG 7143 Roy(PC & FC) Langwall, RS37/6/137v 1638. With Achechrok in 1567.

Longoll 1591-2 & 1662. Langoll (Roy(PC)), Langwell (Roy(FC)).

Achechrok ¼ davach 1638 c. NG 7144/7244 Roy(PC & FC) Achichrosk, RS37/6/137v 1638. With Longoll in 1567. Achechork (OPS II, II, 404 quoting RSS 1569). Auchiechork 1662. Achfork (Roy(PC & FC)).
Keppach ½ davach 1638 c. NG 7244 Roy(PC & FC) RS37/6/137v 1638. Keppauch 1591-2. Keppach 1662.



¼ davach



    With Drumley in 1567. Saterkill 1591-2. Sacrell 1662.

RS37/6/137v 1638.

Drumley   1567     With Satrell in 1567.

Drumloy (OPS II, II, 404 quoting RSS 1569). Drumley 1662.




1 bovate



c. NG 7246/7247 Roy(PC & FC) Cowlmoir (OPS II, II, 404 quoting RSS 1569). Culmoir 1591-2 & 1662. RS37/6/137v 1638.



¼ davach



    Corchirie (OPS II, II, 404 quoting RSS 1569). Birscheire 1591-2. RS37/6/137v 1638. Tercherrie in 1662. = Alt na h-Eirigh?
Alt na h-Eirigh     NG 7054 Roy(PC) Aldnacherry (Roy(PC)). = Corchery/Tercherrie?
Kalnakill   1567 NG 6954 Gordon(ES)


Coulnakill (OPS II, II, 404 quoting RSS 1569). Kaldnakill 1591-2.

Calnakill GD23/10/35 1649. Culdnakle & Culnakle 1662. The Gordon/Blaeu map of Extima Scotiae wrongly positions Calnakill N. of Loch Torridon.

Ardheslaig   1567 NG 7856 Gordon(ES) Ardeslaig (1567), Ardestang (OPS II, II, 404 quoting RSS 1569). Ardceslak 1591-2. Ardteaschlack GD23/10/35 1649.

Ardestag 1662. The Gordon/Blaeu map of Extima Scotiae wrongly positions Ardetisag N. of Loch Torridon.

Shieldaig/Sildeag   1567 NG 8153 Gordon(ES)


Schildaig (1567), Scheildag (OPS II, II, 404 quoting RSS 1569). Syldawik 1591-2. Schealdack GD23/10/35 1649.

Schild(a)g 1662. The Gordon/Blaeu map of Extima Scotiae wrongly positions Skilkag N. of Loch Torridon.

Toscaig   1591-2 NG 7138   Toskaig 1591-2. Toskag 1662.
Lestang   1567     Testang 1662.
Kirktoun de Apilcroce ac capellam ejusdem  

¼ davach



NG 7145 Roy(FC) Kirktoun of Apilcroce and its chapel 1591-2. RS37/6/137v 1638.  Kirktoun de Aplecroce 1662. Roy(FC) marks ‘Clachan’.



1 bovate



    Described as bishopric lands in RMS V (2042) 1591-2 & GD128/23/1/3 1594. RS37/6/137v 1638.
Killamure   1591-2     Killiemoirie 1662.

?= Kylburrie in GD23/10/35 1649.

Lower Diabaig

Upper Diabaig

  1567 NG 7960

NG 8160



Debaig, Dybege (OPS II, II, 404 quoting RSS 1569).

Debeig 1591-2. Typack in Gordon(ES). See also Gairloch parish.

Rassal 20s

½ davach?

1583 NG 8442 Pont(4)


?Rischill (RMS IV (1845) 1567). Rassor 1583, Rasser (or Rassaw) 1591-2. Rassollis 1662. See below under Rassal. PNRC p 216.
Russel 10s

¼ davach?

1583 NG 8240   Resser 1583, Rasser (or Rassaw) 1591-2, Resker 1662.

PNRC p 216.

(Coire) Sgamhadail     NG 7838   Sheiling in GD23/10/35 1649.
Sacadaill   1662     This precedes Drumley in Retours (Ross) (117) 1662 but Sacrell is also listed separately. See below.
Drumclaughan   1662     Retours (Ross) (117) 1662.
Sadilack   1662     Retours (Ross) (117) 1662.
Total 21 bovates





    21 bovates = 2⅝ davachs


Possibly = ½ davach Rassal + ¼ davach Russel?

Torridon 1 davach




  RHP 14269/1-2 RS38/4/156r, GD1/400/2/3 Section I pp 31-32, 1672,

RS38/4/189r 1673, GD1/1149/11/1 1700.

See below.

Annat ¼ davach 1633 NG 8954 RHP 4297 RS37/5/69r 1633.



¼ davach



NG 8457

NG 8358



RHP 4297


RS37/3/233v 1626.

Coire MhicNòbaill

(or Coire/Corry)


¼ davach 1633 NG 8657/8758 Roy(FC)


RHP 4297

RS37/5/69r 1633.
Doire na Fuaran ¼ davach 1626 NG 9056 Roy(FC)



RS37/3/233v 1626.

OS 6″ 1st Series Ross-shire (Mainland) Sheet LXXXI 1875.

Total 1 davach        





Corchery (1567) is probably Tercherrie (1662) since the letters ‘C’ and ‘T’ were often mistaken for each other. If Tercherrie is correct then the first element may be ‘Tir’ for ‘land’ which is frequent in the Ross of Mull (another early church possession).



Kalnakill seems to appear twice in the the 1662 list – as Culdnakle and Culnakle.


Rassal & Russel

The spellings are so similar that it is difficult to be sure which is which in some of the documents. Since we have merkland valuations for Rassal and Russel I suspect they were not originally part of Applecross – which belonged to the chaplains – but they also seem to have been regarded as distinct from Kishorn. It is possible – by analogy with some properties in Lochcarron which also had anomalous valuations – that they were ½ davach and ¼ davach respectively.



There is (Coire) Sgamhadail in NG 7838 or Sgorr a’ Chadail in Torridon at NG 8857 or (Coire) Atadail in NG 7845 (with ‘t’ misread for ‘c’?).







Torridon has suffered in the documents. It was once part of the huge ‘de Insulis’ estate (see Table & text file) and then, after 1519, passed to the Dingwall and Glengarry families who each received half. In RMS IV (203) 1548 (Glengarry lands apprised to Grant of Culkabok) Torridon appears as half-davach Torredaill – among the Lochcarron properties (see also Lochcarron table). Presumably this was because it was reckoned part of the barony (and parish?) of Lochcarron.

There is ½ davach Torradell – in Lochcarron – in RSS VI (1549) 1572. In Retours (Ross) (12) 1584 there is half Torrerdone – in Lochcarron. In Retours (Ross) (179) 1611 there is half Torredaill – in Lochcarron. In ER XXI p 529 1586 there is half Tarirdin and fisheries – in Lochcarron. In ER XXII p 445 1590-1 there is half Tarrirdin and fisheries – in Lochcarron. In Retours (Ross) (69) 1624 there is half Torvirttan. In Retours (Ross) (79) 1633 Torridan is listed with Kishorn and Strome. CS44/106/84/36 1825 gives davoch of Torridon as formerly Lochcarron, now Applecross parish.

RSS VII (68) and RMS IV (2368) 6 March 1574-5 are a precept and charter of confirmation of the sale, by Thomas Dingwall of Kildun, in March 1571, of his half of Torvirtane (Torridon), to Alexander Bayne (Bain) of Tulch (Tullich). See also GD46/21/2 (1767) p 16 1571.

RSS VII (327) 5 November 1575 is a gift to Alexander Bane of Tullycht (Tullich) of the ward and nonentry of the lands of Torerdane (Torridon) and Dalmartene (Lochcarron) since the deaths of Jonet and Margaret Ilis, sisters, heiresses of the lands (for whom see under the ‘de Insulis’ estate).


Our land-assessment data for Torridon is sparse. RS38/4/156r 1672 gives it as a davach which included Annat, Dearinnaforran, Corrievicknoble and Aligine – and lay in the parish of Lochbroom. However RS38/4/189r 1673 implies it lay in Lochcarron parish. RS37/3/233v 1626 shows Alligin and Darinaforan were each quarterlands. RS37/5/69r 1633 gives Annat and Corrivicknobill as the other two quarterlands. These quarterlands were in turn subdivided and the smaller settlements named in CS44/106/84/36 1825 and CS97/100/T5 1824. See also the lists in ‘Old Torridon’ by Murdoch MacDonald pp 27-9, pp 34-40 & 54-57.


In the footnotes to ALI pp 117-119, No 76, of 1462-3, attention is drawn to notes made by Riddell on a 1524 transumpt in the Glengarry Papers. Reference is made there to the 20 merklands of Torvirtane. The other 3 valuations in the same source (for Lochalsh, Loch Broom and Kishorn) look to be accurate but I have found nothing further to support this – nor any individual valuations in merklands.


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3 comments on “Applecross and Torridon – Summary Table
  1. Alan Gillies says:

    This is a great site and really useful for local historians. Regarding Drumley, the Applecross Placenames website gives a probable location for it – See also the entry for Suardal – – which is possibly Satrell. I was interested in your mention of the protracted copy of the Roy map. I didn’t realise there were two versions and have only seen the fair copy on the NLS website. I see that the protracted copy is said to be more accurate. I was wondering if you had noticed if there were many differences between the 2 copies for the Applecross area – particularly the area around the big house, Borrodale etc?

    • drixson says:

      Thank you, Alan Gillies. Delighted to learn of the Applecross place-names website which looks to be an invaluable resource. I’ll need to spend more time on that. I greatly welcome your suggestions because – in land-assessment terms – Applecross has been one of the hardest nuts to crack. The absence of early or detailed sources means there are many gaps to fill. In general terms I prefer to use Roy’s Protracted Copy which is in the British Library. This is composed of a number of long strips and you can obtain a sheet index from BL. You can then buy a digital copy of specific sheets. In the context of Applecross I am not sure that the Protracted version will give you much more. I have just had a quick glance at each and note that Clachan (for instance) is named on the Fair – but not the Protracted – Copy. But, as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, when doing research you end up checking everything – whatever the cost! Thanks again, Denis.

      • Alan Gillies says:

        Thanks Denis, I’ve contacted the BL to check costs for the map. Yes the place names site is a fantastic resource, the result of a lot of work by the Applecross Historical Society led by Gordon Cameron. He did the Clachan cemetery website, probably not so relevant for you, around the same time – – and it’s also invaluable for those with an interest in more recent Applecross history.

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