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Principal Sources


OSA Vol 6 No 35


RMS I (601) 1376-7

RMS II (443) 1451

RMS III (557) 1527-8

RMS VI (1170) 1601


RSS V Part I (1463) 1563, (1704) 1564

RSS V Part II (2718) 1566


Robertson’s Index p 120 No 46 1376 or 1377 cf OPS II, II p 732

Liber Insule Missarum, Edinburgh, 1847 pp l-li


GD71/183 1757

GD112/58/1/17 1586


ER XIII pp 263-9 1509-10


RS37/1/78v 1618

RS37/5/149v 1634

RS37/6/40v 1637


Retours (Sutherland) (4) 1616


GD128/47/8/6, Rental of the Earldom of Sutherland 1623


NLS Dep.313/1598 Sir Robert Gordon’s tutor accounts with copy of the Sutherland Rental of 1624-5

NLS Dep.313/2098 1687

NLS Dep.313/2099 late 17th C.

NLS Dep.313/3312 1674


The following are available online via the National Library of Scotland’s Digital Map Library:

(I have added a distinguishing letter to each of NLS Dep.313/3583 for easier identification in the table).

NLS Dep.313/3583(q) Cuilgower; Wester Garty; Middle Garty; John Kirk, c.1771

NLS Dep.313/3583(s) Wester Helmsdale, John Kirk, c.1771

NLS Dep.313/3583(r) Gartymore, John Kirk, c.1771

NLS Dep.313/3583(p) A Plan of Lothmore, John Kirk, c.1771

NLS Dep.313/3583(o) Lothbeg, John Kirk, c.1771

NLS Dep.313/3583(n) Kintradwell, John Kirk, c.1771

NLS Dep.313/3620/1 Draught of the Farm of Lothbeg, 1817

NLS Dep.313/3621/1 Plan of the ground allotted for Fishermen at and near Helmsdale, 1817

NLS Acc.10225/102-104 Plans of Helmsdale allotments, 1820

NLS Dep.313/3620/19 Kintradwell, 1820

NLS Dep.313/3620/20 Kintradwell, 1823

NLS Dep.313/3620/25 Culgour, 1826

NLS Dep.313/3620/30 Plan of the Glebe of Loth, 1826

NLS Dep.313/3620/35 Kilmot, 1826

NLS Dep.313/3591/12 Plan of Culgower, 1829

NLS Dep.313/3620/2 Lothbeg, 1829

NLS Dep.313/3620/26 Plan of Culgower, 1829

NLS Dep.313/3620/33 Crackaig, 1829

NLS Dep.313/3620/36 Kilmote and Lothmore, 1829

NLS Dep.313/3620/37 Kilmote and Lothmore, 1829

NLS Dep.313/3620/21 Kintradwell, 1829

NLS Dep.313/3620/22 Kintradwell and Clynemilton, 1829

NLS Dep.313/3620/18 Plan of Gartymore, n.d.

NLS Dep.313/3620/24 Kintradwell, n.d.

NLS Acc.10225/108a Plan of the Harbour of Port Gower with the Corn Lands of Killgower and Wester Garty, n.d.

NLS Dep.313/3620/27 Plan of Culgour, 1849

NLS Dep.313/3620/23 Plan of the arable portion of Kintradwell Farm, surveyed by A.L. Bauchope, 1859

NLS Dep.313/3620/3 Lothbeg as surveyed by A.L. Bauchope, 1863

NLS Dep.313/3620/34 Crackaig, 1863

NLS Dep.313/3620/39 Plan of the Farm of Kilmote, 1864

NLS Dep.313/3620/28 Plan of the Farm of Culgower, n.d.

NLS Dep.313/3620/16 East & West Helmsdale and Gartymore, n.d.

NLS Dep.313/3625/3 Plan of West Garty, Culgower and Kilmote, n.d.

NLS Acc.10225/135 Plan showing Wester Garty Farm, 1895


A Genealogical History of the Earldom of Sutherland, from its origin to the year 1630; written by Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun, Baronet, with a continuation to the year 1651. Edinburgh, 1813. (Hereafter: Earldom (Gordon)).

Old-Lore Miscellany of Orkney Shetland Caithness and Sutherland Vol 3 Part 4 pp 230-1, 1910, Pictish Tower at Kintradwell. (Brochs in Loth).

SHS Sutherland Estate Management Vol I Report by P. Sellar, 1811, Section VIII, Lands in the parish of Loth, gives a detailed breakdown of the farms in the parish. It also refers to a half-davoch of Wester Garty.


The 1509-10 rental implies c. 19 davachs in Loth. The 1623 rental gives us 18½ davachs in Loth. My table suggests a minimum of 18 davachs. There is an anomaly in that Garty in 1376/7 was 3 davachs but 4½ in 1623. By the latter year it may have included neighbouring farms. I have not yet located Carnland. I feel I may be short on kirklands so it entirely possible that Loth was originally 20-21 davachs.


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