Baldernock Farms


The Farms of Baldernock


The documents used below tended to conflate the estate of Baldernock with the parish. We should distinguish them – whilst recognising that the parish lay at the heart of the estate. As will be seen below, some of the farms lay in the old parish of Baldernock, others came to it from Campsie in 1649, while still others remained in Campsie.


RMS II (2816)


Fraser, Stirlings of Keir, No 111, 1524 RMS III (394) 1526 Stirling Retours (139) 1630 Value Date Orignal parish
Buthernock, viz.            
Berdowy Bardowy Bardowe Bardowie     Baldernock
Barnellane Barnellen   Bernellon     Baldernock
Boghous Le Boghous   Boghous     Baldernock
Kirktoun Le Kirktoun de Bothernok Kirktoun Kirktoun 50s 1526 Baldernock
Bankell Bankell   Bankell 50s 1526 Baldernock
Blacharne Bauchquharn   Blaquharen £5 1510 Baldernock
Fluchart Estir Fluchert Flowchtard Flauchter     Baldernock
Blaiskaith Barscaith Blairskarth Blairskeath     Campsie to Baldernock
Bankeir (1) Estir Bankeir   Easter Bankeir     Campsie to Baldernock
      Wester Bankeir (2) 3m 1654 Campsie to Baldernock
Ballindrocht Balkindroch Bawchindrowch Ballindroich £5 1510 Campsie to Baldernock
Hawistoun Haweustoun Hawistoun Hawystoun     Campsie
Birdstoun Birdstoun Birdistoun       Campsie
Barcharage Buchquharage Bawcharrage Boquharraige     Campsie
Kincaid Kincaid Kincaid       Campsie



(1) RMS II (1686) 1487 (on original of 1486) shows that Ballinkere was part of John Hammyltoun of Bardowy’s estate.


(2) Stirling Retours (210) 1654 shows that Westir Bankeir, alias Bankeir-Stirling, was then held by the Stirling family.


RMS III (1212) 1532 lists Perdowy (Berdowy), Barnellen, Barskeith, Estir-Bankeir, Fleuchart, Birdistoun, Buchquharrage and Kincaid.



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